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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For thousands of refugees who arrived in Europe during 2015, risking their lives during this trip it isn't worse than the conditions they lived in their countries. Victims of civil wars, terrorism, poverty and persecution, they seek in Europe the possibility of a better life, but not always reach the mainland. As Europeans, in the comfort of our homes, we see images as well demonstrate these numbers and what these people go to get give their families a better life. But we still see them as a group, "the refugees", "the Syrians", among other more derogatory names. There is an urgent need to see each of these people as individual beings who think and feel, who have fears and dreams, like us.It is with this idea that comes up this project. We will look into one that is perhaps the key issue for the full integration of these families in the community: a change of mentality.In order to create a harmonious environment and to promote the union of the group, will be held dynamics of presentation and group and moments of relaxation in which participants can live together and get to know each other. We will make dynamics to work the confidence within the group, which will be essential for the next phase of the project, which will require all participants feel comfortable sharing their opinions and experiences and so they can reflect together without any value judgment. This project will be developed in two distinct phases. On the 1st time, in order to discuss and reflect on the theme of integration of refugees in each country, the level of community acceptance and the level of integration of refugee families will be held time of sharing and brainstorming. This process will be developed using techniques such as role-play and drama, that will help participants understand the side of the other. Based on the conclusions drawn from these moments, participants will have a different view of the reality of these people, the problems they face, their expectations and fears, but mainly the role they can play as active agents of change of attitude and the effective integration in the communities.A 2nd time, and with the support of specialized mentors, participants will develop a performance, which will portray the whole process by which these people go in search of a better life. All participants will have a key role in performance, and no one will be left out.Institutions, schools, other entities and the media will be invited to attend the presentation of the performance. We will make a video that will be shared by all the partners involved so that the message of this project reaches more people.Participants will understand the music, dance and theater as a mean of social transformation and can be used as a facilitator of the inclusion of individuals in society, dispelling prejudices and stereotypes and fostering the acceptance and cultural diversity. Participants will be trained through this project, to create activities in the area of social inclusion through the arts, or to replicate this project in their countries. This exchange will, above all, as the main focus, awareness of young people to combat discrimination and social exclusion, combating inequality of opportunity, promoting acceptance of cultural diversity through music, dance and theater.We hope that after the implementation of the project and subsequent release of the video of the performance, this message reaches many people, in Portugal and in other countries, making them aware of the difference, for interculturalism and for effective integration of all, without discrimination or prejudice.30 young people from 6 different countries, between 18 and 30 years will participate in this project. Participants will be selected from their great liking in music, dance and / or theater (without the need to be professional in this areas), from their great liking for social inclusion projects of minorities and are responsible citizens who are aware of these problems. Participants must still be capable of improvisation and creativity. They must also be dynamic and above all self-taught young people, since all the participants will be able to experiment and create be themselves.

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