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INTECH-Implementation of artificial intelligent technologies in rehabilitation engineering: Training for vocational rehabilitation counsellors

Case manegement system uses most of the Eurepean countries.Case manegement system will use with rehabilitation counsellors and fizyo terapists. And this Case manegement system will support with artificial intelligent education in Turkey.Case manegement system will improve the skills of vocational rehabilitation counsellors/specialists. The project consortium is unified by a main goal and is organized on the basis of different backgrounds and experiences of the partners. This approach will ensure wide platform for valorization of project deliverables. The consortium includes six partners from four countries – TR, SI, DE, and AT. The overall activities of the consortium for achievement of the general project goal will be organized in accordance with the project management plan and governed by the project coordinator. The rationality for the activities distribution among the partners is based on the planned work packages, leaded by different partners. The partnership possesses the necessary capacity,expertise and competence for implementation of the proposal and successful achievement of its general objective. The main outcomes of the project are of; project web site, technical handbook upon project subject, DVD-Rom, e-learning portal, dissemination materials, and reports. and INTECH will be unique with its content and deliverables.
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5 Partners Participants