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Instituto de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria Emilio Alarcos, KA1
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since in the year 2004 IES Emilio Alarcos School started to implement the Integrated Curriculum within the British Council-MECD agreement, the importance of the English Language as the language for communication has been gradually increasing; together with the participation in international European projects focused on teacher training, Comenius projects, eTwinning, Erasmus. Besides, during the last school years, a special effort has been made to invest and train ourselves in aspects related with ICT and the staff has recognised the necessity of applying new and different methodologies, specially with Special Neeeds Students or those at serious risk of early school leaving. This project was aimed at developing the modernization and internationalization of our school, meeting, at the same time, the needs of professional development of all the teachers in the shool. The project was, therefore, focused on consolidating an already existing tendency in the staff of the school trying to integrate, at the same time, new teachers eager to develop the multilingual and European dimension of culture. The project, which lasted for a year, involved the mobility of seven teachers with the following profiles: 2 teachers received linguistic training with the aim of joining, in the short or the long run, the Bilingual Project. 2 foreign language teachers received methodological training related to their subjects. 3 teachers took part on job shadowing activities in prestigious European schools, specialized on ICT, Special need students or students on sirious risk of early school living. All teachers have used Europass and are used to the virtual tools and the possibilities of the eTwinning platform. Furthermore, they have spread their experience to all the teachers of the school, either in a plenary session, team work or disseminating it through other resources like web, blog, video or the media. The project has meant improvement in the motivation and training of teachers which will have a direct impact on the quality of teaching to students. Besides it has contributed to the international dimension of the school as teachers have crossed borders between subjects and beyond the school walls. It has created, likewise, an atmosphere of productivity and collaboration for creative teaching in the school. We envisage a relevant impact on teachers as these kind of projects will create an environment full of enthusiasm and eagerness to increase collaborative work and a significant interaction with students. In the long run the potential benefits are obvious for us as we consider in the following years we will see changes focused on: - A stronger determination on the part of teachers to improve their lessons taking into account the challenges the realities of our changing society poses for our students. - A more international and globalized perspective approach to teaching that will allow them to cope with a complex world. - A bigger student-teacher-family interaction and collaboration as teachers will be more aware of the need to emphatize with students to achieve our goals of empowering them. - Raising awareness of the need of European citizenship open to the world and the need for integration by bringing the real world into the classroom. In conclusion, our students in the long run will be more prepared to cope with a highly demanding future which includes key skills to find a place in society such as the ones mentioned before: digital competence, linguistic competence, critical thinking, autonomous learning or team work.

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