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Archive of European Projects

Inspiration, Knowledge and work Opportunities in an expanding World
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The promoter of this project will be Aniara Upper Secondary school which has two vocational programmes; the Business- and Administration Programme and the Hotel- and Tourism programme which includes a six week long internship period for all students annually. The school has previous experience from mobility projects within the Leonardo da Vinci programme. The main purpose with this mobility project, Erasmus+, is to give students the opportunity to undertake vocational training in England or Spain and thereby obtain cultural, linguistic and professional experience and through that become more attractive on a national, European and international labour market. According to the Swedish secondary school curriculum from 2011 this is of great importance. This can also be seen In the EU strategic objectives for 2020 During a two-year-period Aniara Upper Secondary school intends to send a total of 24 students from the Business- and Administration programme and Hotel- and Tourism programme to England or Spain to undertake a six week long vocational period, this divided up in two periods over 2 years. The promoter will through this project enable students from a deprived socioeconomic background to take part as they might not have the opportunity to gain work experience from another European country otherwise. Aniara Upper Secondary plans to participate in more mobility- and exchange projects in the future. This mobility project will run over a two year period with two vocational training periods. Start-up of each year's internship period takes place in the early school year through an information meeting where the purpose of the project is presented. Participants of the project are selected after interviews and a clear selection process, and are thereafter asked to take part in regular compulsory preparation meetings until the vocational training period starts. Europa Training (UK) Ltd (ET) and Service Internship Consulting Ltd (SIC), who are Aniara Upper Secondary school's partners in England and Spain, will assist with the acquisition of relevant work placements and host families. ET and SIC will also assist on monitoring the students and secure the quality of the work placement companies. After the completion of the vocational periods in England and Spain, the participants will evaluate the internship, the objectives of the training, and the knowledge and experience the students have gained. In order to share their knowledge and experience to other young students, the participants will be asked to write a blog, take part in information meetings with future participants, and represent Aniara Upper Secondary school at a high school exhibition and more. Besides the vocational training, which is the main activity, in England or Spain the participants of this project will gain cultural experience, learn the language spoken in that country better, and also learn about social conditions in the country. This knowledge can lead to increased mobility of the participants on the national- and European labour market. The result of this mobility project will lead to increased competence of the participants so they can become more attractive on the Swedish and European labour market. The newly acquired contacts in the host country creates a larger network for the participants which they can use in future work situations. Aniara Upper Secondary school will also, through this mobility project, continue to develop a flexible, qualitative and sustainable education. Through our cooperation with other countries in Europe, Aniara Upper secondary school will increase the knowledge about what demands that will be asked for in future occupations, and how to meet these needs within the educational sector.
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