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InsideOut: active learners in memory
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

Why?Learning in culture is an indispensable part of lifelong learning and the acquisition of key skills. Learning environments can be created in cultural and memory institutions, so that active learning takes place and knowledge and skills can be transmitted. The structure and mission of the cultural sector is not sufficiently adapted to this task.What?InsideOut creates pedagogical and management tools to help organisations to turn their perspective inside out, exploring the integration of art and culture into everyday life, inviting citizens and creative professionals for collaboration, experimentation, research and exchange. It creates and promotes strong learning environments and innovative participation models in a wider context of social cohesion, social innovation and inclusion.Who?InsideOut brings together initiatives in formal and informal education, committed to this much needed paradigm shift in art and cultural memory. It sharpens the competences of adult citizens such as collaboration, personal meaning making, creativity and openness.How?InsideOut conducts a survey on participatory learning approaches, leading to an educational perspective and a set of standards based on rigorous quality questions and good practice examples from across Europe. Training and peer coaching deepen the competences of the cultural professionals involved in the project. They will document and share their learning experience in an online collection of narratives in film and writing. Main Outcomes:Through a training toolkit the participatory approach will become visible for a wider group of cultural institutions. The collection of good practice, agreed standards, guidelines and a sustained network of professionals across Europe will form the basis for a wider peer coaching service for organisational- and staff development in the sector of cultural institutions. A dissemination conference in Amsterdam in September 2014 will broadly draw attention to this approach.

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