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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is a youth exchange aiming to bring participants out of the 4 walls and show them that there is world even beyond the smart phone, tablet or a computer screen.We were inspired by the everyday life, while seeing many kids staying indoors the whole day (or not seeing young people outside), either doing something for school, playing games, or watching TV. Unfortunately most of the parents are not aware of the down-sides of staying indoors for most of the time, and we are growing unhealthy youth, inside the 4 walls, asking them to be active citizens, and sports mans.For that reason, we are bringing 32 minors from Austria (plus Syria and Afghanistan), Bulgaria, Finland, Macedonia and Poland, accompanied by the group leaders, to explore the possibilities of spending a quality time outdoors, learning about the nature and their phisical capabilities, chalenging them and achieving results, while developing into healthy young people who see that there is something more behind the phone screen and the online messengers. In friendly atmosphere and multi-culti comunity, they will learn more about the other cultures but also about themselfs, becoming more tollerant and culturally aware active citizens. Besides playing the games we prepared, we will get them closer to be able to maintain their bicycles, develop creative ideas for protecting themselves while cycling, and also share creative recycling ideas for producing presents for their friends and relatives cyclists or "soon to become" cyclists. Maybe most imporant of all, they will make friends and share stories from their lives next to the camp fire, singing songs and having moments that are remembered the whole life. The project targets the parents also, and the serious information with statistics and concequences will be reach them to raise awareness on the unhealty conditions for life we are providing the young people with, and motivate them to change something in the daily routines and habits, valuing the time spent together and in the nature.

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