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Inovatyvus mokymas(is) - sėkmės įrankis ugdymo kokybei užtikrinti
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The need to have a project “Innovative teaching and learning - a successful tool to ensure the quality of education“ appeared while creating the strategic plan of Šiauliai “Juventa“ progymnasium. We have found out that it is essential to develop managing competences to reach qualitative goals of (self-)education and tools in formal and informal education. The aims of the project are: to give opportunities for the employers of the institution to develop their professional qualification, to improve the process of education through integration of the skills gained during the mobilities, and to increase the possibilities of the European collaboration seeking to modernize the content and forms of the education process. Project partners - six educational institutions in Finland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Norway and Italy - working in a similar social context, having similar needs and goals. Every institution has certain experience and can be of high value to the project. It is planned to engage into mobility activities about 20 pedagogues of Šiauliai “Juventa“ progymnasium who represent different methodology and work groups - it allows to guarantee wide sharing of the gained experience in various forms. Two main types of activities are planned: 1) job shadowing in partner schools (education institutions in Finland, Italy, Norway, Iceland, and Greece). 2) the target courses in Latvia , Greece, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands. The methodology of the project matches the set goals - in all the levels of the project, participants will purposefully seek to acquire the best practice and apply it in their work, stimulating positive changes inside the institution: improvement of the results in (self-) education through applying of innovative methods of teaching and learning, and development of management competences. In the stage of preparation, collaboration with European education institutions, development of language skills, assessment of professional and other competences are emphasized. In the stage of the main activities participants of the project will pay a huge attention to mastering of target competences, knowledge and skills. After the main activities participants will do reflection, develop work skills and share the best practices. The management of the project is orientated to the quality - clear procedures of the project management are set: an impartial committee for the selection of participants is established, selection criteria are set, learning contracts with the participants and cooperation contracts with the partners are created, eTwinning tools are chosen to be used to run the project successfully, ways and principles for monitoring and evaluation of the participants are planned. It will guarantee the quality of the project to implement the set goals of the project. The results of the project that are planned: participants will implement various innovative working methods which will allow to make the education process more attractive to the students and to encourage their learning motivation, acquire and develop the management processes (in the lesson and in the institution). Project participants will acquire a broader understanding about the education systems and education programmes in the European context, will develop their skills of communication and cooperation with the international partners, and improve their knowledge of foreign languages. The long-term effects and benefits. It is planned that the experience of pedagogues will be of significant importance to all employers of the institution: through applying of innovative (self-) education methods, changing management processes the quality of education will increase. We believe that participants will be more open to the changes (changing a teaching paradigma into a learning one, learning through cooperation), modernization and multiculturalism in the activities of the institution, will share gained knowledge and spread the best practices for the pedagogues of the institution, our town, and the republic.
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