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Inovativne metode in novi pristopi za povečanje kompetenc oseb s posebnimi potrebami
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We want to start this project, because we wish to improve predispositions of people with special needs. We know that many of our students face a variety of problems in their adulthood, especially difficulties regarding their employment on the labor market. Children with special needs need different approaches and methods of work according to their abilities and skills, but we always tend to help them to achieve optimal development in the highest degree of independency and sovereignty in adulthood. Policies of working on the field of special needs education are known to be very different, there is a variety of different methods and ways of working with them within the countries themselves. That is why it is very important that school staff is obliged to be in process of gaining additional qualifications, knowledge and skills all the time and to reconstitute a wide net of teachers and organizations that work on the similar fields in their country and abroad. Our goals, planed in the project, are addressed to important areas of work at our school, maybe the weakest parts, that we wish to upgrade and strengthen. Those are at the same time areas of work that our employees wish to upgrade and develop in the future: -English as foreign language; improving and learning about new teaching methods and early English language learning, -ICT in a sense of using new applications (Web 2,0) and methods used in everyday work with children with SEN in different programmes of special education. -innovative methods and ways of working with children in the inclusive education, that would have to be accommodated to our school system, -gaining theoretical and practical knowledge about the newest neuroscience surveys regarding alleviation of many different disabilities, disorders etc., -innovative methods of learning social and communicational skills and also learning to express feelings, -staff management . There will be 10 professionals from OŠ Glazija attending the seminars. Most of the participants at the seminars will be special education teachers, some of them will be pedagogical workers of different specialities, one of them is a school psychologist, who works as a school counsellor. Main activities of the project will be based on the professional trainings and on the results/conseqences of these trainings, that will be observed after their completion. Professional trainings will take place in: -In United Kingdom, the English language subject with emphasis on new didactical methods of language teaching for children with special needs and early English language learning. -In Spain, improvement and modernization of ICT knowledge. -In Denmark, learning about inclusive pedagogy in theory and practise, -In Finland, learning social and communicational skills and expressing feelings, -In United Kingdom, innovative discoveries in neurological science considering alleviation of learning disabilities, different disabilities etc. -In Malta, professional training about staff management in institutions, avoidance and solving the conflicts. By the activities named in the project the following goals will be reached: trained and qualified staff, improved quality and efficiency of education and training of children with SEN, improved foreign language knowledge among teachers and consecutively pupils, improved use of ICT in education field, increase in creativity and innovative strategies in all education and training fields, strengthened intercultural dialogue, lifelong learning mobility and quality elementary education of children with special needs. With all trainings and seminars our professional workers will not only evolve professionally but also personally. By opening school to wider European space we will improve our experiences, which will be seen on all levels of our functioning. The most important is that our work with children with special needs will be improved and will gain the quality. Throughout all this the global changes will be achieved in all levels of our school, which will have positive effect on education quality of children with special needs. The new knowledge and experiences will be shared within professional public via different media. On the basis of all experiences gained in this project the results will be seen on the innovative approaches on the population of children with SEN.

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