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Inovácia výučby anglického jazyka a práce so žiakmi so zdravotným znevýhodnením
Start date: Jul 18, 2016, End date: Jul 17, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Primary school Limbová 30 is a state registered school. Our teaching puts emphasis on quality of English language, improving work with information and improving reading comprehension skills. We use modern methods to teach children and to help pupils fully understand all discussed facts and issues.To improve the quality of teaching and broaden the international appeal of our school we include several objectives in our European School Development Plan:- to apply creative, modern and effective teaching methods to best motivate our pupils and develop their communication and creative thinking- to maintain a high quality and highly qualified teaching staff (which can also cater for special needs pupils)- to produce active and self-confident, but considerate, pupils who can express and justify their opinions both in their mother tongue and at least one foreign language- to develop cross border projects and opportunities for cooperation within EU countries- to support extensive English language teaching and teaching selected subjects through CLIL from the first year of primary school.To further these objectives we will increase the linguistic and professional competence of our English language teachers via specialist training in the UK. This would improve the qualification of our teachers and, by using the gained knowledge and competences, the quality of teaching and pupil motivation. We have selected three employees to take part in these training courses in the UK - one specialist each for primary education, secondary education and special needs pupils. For these three teachers, we have chosen the following three different courses at the University of Kent in Canterbury, which are provided by Pilgrims School:1. Creative Methodology for the Language Classroom (aimed at foreign language teachers in secondary schools).2. Methodology and English Language for Primary Teachers.3. Special Needs and Inclusive Learning.This project will also provide the benefit of exposing our teaching staff to the techniques, ideas, practical skills and culture of another European country.After training the participants will embed acquired knowledge into our school curriculum and extracurricular activities. They will spread what they have learnt through coaching workshops for teachers (both of our school and others), open classes, and contributions to both our school and other education related websites.The participation of selected staff in this project would help our organization to meet its goal to apply modern and effective teaching of the English language. We would gain new knowledge, practices, ideas, and practical skills in working with special needs pupils which would increase the standing of our elementary school. This would increase our appeal to prospective pupils. It also demonstrates commitment to cooperation with schools from other European Union countries which may enable other opportunities in the future.

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