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Inovací k vytvoření atraktivnějšího vzdělávacího prostředí na SPŠP-COP Zlín
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Creating this project was based on long-standing needs of our school which has been trying to deal with problems created by decreased number of our students caused by population decline. At the same time we want to react to demanding requirements of the labour market where high demand for our graduates speaks clearly in our favour. We would like to acquire and provide more attractive and inspiring environment at our classses and as a result to both attract a higher number of incoming attendants and prevent our pupils from dropping out of school. This we consider the most important impact as well as long-term contribution of this project. The aims of the project are as follows: improving language skills of all participants, reinforcing teamwork within our school, strenghtening the spirit of European solidarity through the exchange of experience with course participants from other European countries, obtaining new and inspiring approaches and methodologies to negotiate with pupils at risk of dropping out of school, increase competencies to support the teaching of ICT, improving language teaching with the help of job shadowing, preparing students for self-sufficiency in a competitive environment of both domestic and European markets, and last but not least creating a more dynamic and inspiring environment in classes while ensuring the principle of equality of student behavior to each other. -Five teachers of our school will participate in this project – English language, mathematics, economy and ICT teacher who is also the headmaster of our school. All participants are actively involved in running the school and provide various other activities related to the improvement of both teaching quality and school reputation. - The project was implemented under long-term needs of the school and defined during several preparatory project meetings where school management discussed everything with the project manager. The most important points were agreed and made into project objectives on which we will focus. Afterwards the headmaster and project manager chose activities and courses which are the most relevant and beneficial in terms of project objectives. - The school head summoned all teaching staff of the school who can speak English, French or German to an informative meeting and offered them to participate in project activities. As a result, our team is made up of five members. Participating in the activities all the members of our team will acquire knowledge and practical skills related to all the needs of the organization mentioned in the European development plan. -Participants of "Building Emotional Relationships to Prevent Early School Leaving“ will acquire innovative methods and approaches to dealing with students at risk of dropping out of school, they will learn how to help them cope with their fears and positively affect their feelings of study and stay at our school. -Participants of "Addressing Diversity and Equality in Classroom" will gain the ability to create and sustain a welcoming and inclusive environment for socially disadvantaged pupils and parents and ensure equal access for them all. This is considered to be of vital importance as quite a large number of our students ranks among them. -The main purpose of the course "Effective Use of ICT in Education" is to support classroom with ICT Tools. Among others, participants will learn how to use Moodle. -"Structured Study Visit to Schools" efficiently combines pedagogic visits to schools and institutes, with structured training activities. Participants will enjoy opportunities to meet and interact with teachers, experts and advisors ; to experience a powerful and unique school culture; to observe innovative and collaborative approaches to learning. All of these they will share with other staff members of our school -Participants in "Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools" will use the knowledge gained during this course to prepare students for self-sufficiency in a competitive environment of both domestic and single European market. -Experiencing job shadowing of erudite teacher of English in Swedish school will give our participant a rich source of material and inspiration to diversify the lessons for all of our English teachers. -Due to their mobilities, all participants will develop and improve their language and communicative competences, identify new, innovative teaching methods and broaden their horizons in terms of multicultural relations, education towards European unity and the process of globalization. International mobilities are irreplaceable in respect of acquiring practical experience. Participation in this project will definitely help us to improve the quality of teaching and motivation of both students and teachers. Moreover, comparing education in other European countries and our attitudes to education and teaching is an inspiring aspect which will move us onwards.
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