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Innowacyjność w pracy nauczycieli sposobem na zapobieganie wykluczeniu społecznemu wśród uczniów Zespołu Szkół nr 5 w Rybniku.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of the project: Innovation in the work of teachers as a key to prevent social exclusion among the students of Zespół Szkół no 5 in Rybnik. The school is located in a district of a high threat of unemployment both among adults and the young who are just to finish their education and who have no prospects for taking up work in any profession. The students’ background is diversified. 2 % of students are very gifted, 1 % of students are holding the blue card- diagnosed violence at home. About 20-30 % of students come from families who neglect their children or families where alcohol plays an important role and parents are not eager to take any steps to help their children to do well at school. About 20 % of students have an opinion of various dysfunctions and the need of the special education stated by the psychological and pedagogical clinic. It is possible to say that about 41 % of all students are under threat of social exclusion. Taking into consideration students’ needs and a desire to internationalize, the school has decided to carry out the project which, above all, will introduce the system work supporting students in the learning process and opening them to united Europe (its values, chances and standards). Thanks to this project our school achieved some strategic goals: • introduced the idea of “lifelong learning” experience to our students- and showed them its advantages • found the tools in the area of teaching methodology which meet the international standards • the school identified the need to organize the subject-integrated system- language practice for the extended-English classes at the Junior High School and High School levels (at the beginning the subject – integrated system will involve mathematics, physical education, history, Introduction to Cultural Studies and English as a main language) • the crucial aspect in terms of our school curriculum was to establish the syllabus concerning foreign languages aiming at the linguistically talented students • there was the necessity for the teachers to gain knowledge concerning the ways of finding the financial support for the school, also thanks to EU grants. Teachers were able to realize them as well as be perfect managers • our school is located in the post-mine area. Our students find it really difficult to identify themselves as Europeans due to the fact that they live in a rather poor background, dominated by the unemployment and lack of prospects for the future. We urged on projects which will help us to root pro-European attitudes in our students. ZS no 5 established strategic aims including current educational needs and everyday problems it is dealing with. On that base a group of teachers, who can enhance them ,was chosen. The operating group includes language teachers of English and German. 4 teachers of English language (Katarzyna Kmiecik - Seixas, Ewa Iskierka, Agnieszka Chełmecka - Adaszkiewicz and Renata Socha) and one German teacher (Gizela Niemiec) and maths, geography ,PE and history teachers . From this group we selected one PE teacher (Aleksander Pojda - the headmaster of our school). The project dramatically improved the quality of school work through the following actions: - introducing integrated teaching both in the junior and high secondary school (teachers’ linguistic preparation) and providing teachers with an understanding of how to combine language and subject teaching within a workable lesson framework - starting the system of working with children coming from disadvantaged background endangered by social exclusion - introducing the system of working with children with dysfunctions - introducing the system of preparing students for gimnazjum and matura exam. The school obtained a better qualified personnel, the educational level and the marks of our students increasde. There is a possibility of conducting international projects which will make our school more recognizable. The school is perceived well both by the local community as well as among the others, also potential foreign partners (e Twinning program). Widespread actions promoting our project were planned. Sharing the outcomes of our project was planned in two dimension, projected in a way which enabled us to reach the established goals. First of all, we aimed at involving bigger number of participants possible, in this way we could promote the school and the project itself in order to encourage more people to take part in similar projects as well as promoting EU programs and enhance pro - European behavior. Secondly, we tried to spread widely the abilities and acquired skills of teachers so that they could use the outcomes of the project in their work. Thanks to these enterprise the project’s results were significantly multiplied.

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