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Innowacyjne technologie stosowane w działalności produkcyjnej i usługowej szansą na rozwój przedsiębiorczości na obszarach wiejskich
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project will be executed by the Complex of Agricultural Engineering and Food Economy Schools (ZSAiGŻ) in Radom. The aim of the project is to improve students' skills and knowledge in their learning professions and also to encourage them to establish their own business to provide services in rural areas. In Poland, it is necessary to further restructure the employment of people living in rural areas. The percentage of people directly employed in arable farming is still too high. It is indispensable to extend service sector for country dwellers, not only in agriculture services, but also in another areas, social – living, municipal services etc. The traineeship of our students abroad will allow them to gain the best experiences. They will allow for offering on the market modern services that will have a chance of success and effective rivalry with potential competition. As a result, adolescents of rural origin will be able to stay in their own environment and successfully fulfil their professional ambitions. The students participating in the Project come from the countryside and have never been abroad. A period of time spent in a highly developed country will broaden their horizons and open up prospects for better personal development.The main objectives of the Project are to:- learn about innovative technologies used in particular professions,- learn about structure and operation of advanced machinery, equipment and tools,- develop the students’ language skills,- develop cooperation and working in a team,- learn about foreign community, culture and monuments.We intend to organize the trip of five groups of 18 students each, together with two tutors (90 students in total) from the following technical schools: landscape architecture, agricultural mechanization, renewable energy systems and devices, veterinary medicine, as well as nutrition and catering service. Each traineeship would last 2 weeks, and they would be realized within the period between autumn 2016 and summer 2018. Each group trip will be preceded by preparing students for a traineeship.During the traineeship students will stay in vocational training centres located in Germany. The trainees will have the possibility to learn modern technologies and working methods, different machinery, including many devices they would not have a chance to see in our school. During the traineeship students will learn machinery work principles, their operation and safe usage. Students will also become familiar with innovative technologies, which occur in their professions. Knowledge of modern technologies and new trends in particular professions could cause the increase of attractiveness of our graduates in the local labour market. The majority of ZSAiGŻ’s students come from the rural areas, which are often neglected. Stay on a foreign traineeship will be a chance for them to know modern methods of creating and running their own business.We have carefully selected our foreign partners to cooperate in the execution of our Project. These are 2 vocational training centres located in different regions of Germany: DEULA Nienburg, DEULA Hildesheim. We have been cooperating with these partners in the past and we are familiar with their capabilities and advantages. The Project has been preceded with preliminary visits to our partners. During the visits we have agreed the scope of the planned traineeship and its execution schedule.ZSAiGŻ has already possessed a broad experience in the area of vocational traineeship organization for their students. We always endeavour to choose subject matter which is of essence to our future graduates. The thing is that the students should be able to successfully apply the skills and experience gained during the foreign traineeship, to their future professional work. The main objective of the school is to take care of comprehensive students’ development. We make every effort for students to acquire general as well as vocational knowledge of the highest standard. We are doing this with the current state of knowledge, according to current curricula. Every occupation is connected with gaining a series of practical skills, which ensure a subsequent good work experience. Unfortunately, as often, due to reduction of financial school resources, students do not always have a chance to see innovative technologies appearing in their professions. Due to the same reasons, school does not have modern machinery, equipment and tools, which are usually used in our learning professions. Doing vocational traineeship in our foreign partners allows us more widely organize this demanding process. Germany is a very wealthy and modern country. Their vocational training institutions have much more funding, and therefore they are better equipped and they have better educational tools as well as vocational workshops.
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