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"Innowacje w logistyce poznane poprzez europejskie praktyki oraz Hiszpania od kuchni i jej sekrety "
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Innovations in logistics learnt by the European practices and Spain from the kitchen and its secrets" - threse are the titles of our projects of the program Erasmus+, which are co-financed by the European Union funds and implemented by the School of Natural Sciences and Technology in Międzyświeć and Tribeka TRAINING LAB S.L. from Malaga in Spain.Two-stage internship will help to achieve the main purpose which is to improve the professional qualifications of young people, forming the mobile attitudes in the evolving labor market and improving language skills. The next goals are: promoting the European aspect in vocational training, improvement of professional skills and qualifications, exchange of experience in logistics and catering, getting to know the culture of work, mentality of the people, establishing new acquaintanceship, exploring principles of plants operating based on European standards.There are also next goals: practical usage of theoretical knowledge acquired at school, learning new technologies and techniques of working, improving team work skills, communication skills, self-reliance and the sense of responsibility and improving the vocational status of young people in the local and European labor market. When it comes to regional needs, the internship will also ensure the accomplishment of other objectives by improving the quality of vocational training, broadening and enriching the offer of school apprenticeship as well as the increase of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity of the students.In September 2016 and in March 2017, sixteen students - logistics technicians and sixteen students -technicians of nutrition and catering services are going to go to Malaga in Spain. The students will be qualified to participate in the foreign apprenticeships, if they meet the recruitment requirements and achieve the highest recruitment score.Before leaving, the interns will participate in a special many hours’ course in order to get to know linguistic, cultural and pedagogical basis to facilitate their stay abroad. This training will be continued on the spot of the apprenticeship during which they will study the history, culture and traditions of Spain and they will practice foreign language words and phrases. National and international transport, insurance, accommodation, meals and constant care of their school teacher and a Spanish counsellor will be guarenteed for the students.In Malaga, the interns will be seconded to the industry companies, where they will work in their professions. During the three-week stay they will gain unique experience, learn the principles of working in Spanish companies and get to know how to use modern technologies and operate the technical equipment in every industry.For three weeks the students will have an internship in logistics companies and restaurants, where they will acquire knowledge according to the established program, which is a part of the school curriculum of professional practice and it is also agreed by both parties. They will get acquainted with the organizational structure and a functional layout of a workplace, and also with regulations and laws aplied in the enterprise.During their stay, the students will have the unique opportunity to improve their language skills in a practical way, while working with Spanish employers and in their free time. Staying abroad is not only time for learning for young people. The programs of their stay include getting to know tourist attractions, culture as well as tourist, historical and economic values, different customs, traditions and behaviors of residents of Spain. Every trainee will be certified with Europass Mobility certificate ( which is acceptable in all European Union countries and widely known to employers throughout the EU labor market) and with other documents confirming the participation of young people in training, courses or work. The European Union creates a huge opportunity for students of vocational schools offering the possibility to participate in internships in companies in EU countries. Foreign apprenticeships do not only give the opportunity to experience different work organization, they also allow you to learn about another culture and language, they strengthen the sense of belonging to the European Union. In today's modern, globalized economy, there is a need of professionals with the ability to co-operate in international and increasingly multicultural environment. For these opportunities we want to thank and certainly in the next years, we will apply for foreign internship funding for our youth representing vocational training.
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