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Innovative value chain development for sustainable plastics in Central Europe (PLASTiCE)
Start date: Mar 31, 2011, End date: Mar 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Capability for the diffusion of innovative biodegradable solutions among producers of packaging and other plastic products is dependent on the expectations of end-user industries (food sector, retail, medical and health sector). As long as these players are not convinced of the economic and environmental benefits of introducing biodegradable packaging and half products in their production systems, the critical mass for making bioplastics affordable cannot be reached. Moreover, due to the fact that misleading information on bioplastics has entered the market a lot of mistrust among the end-users arose.To break this circle of mistrust and in order to find the critical mass for implementation of innovative environmentally-friendlier solution a systemic approach is needed within the Central Europe. The project PLASTICE enters with its idea directly in this point. By enabling intensification of interactions between demand and supply sides and by developing and implementing new tools in packaging, the project will path the way to new product applications and diffusion of innovation processes. Achievements: The focus of the PLASTiCE project is to improve the acceptance and use of plastics with higher sustainability – especially bioplastics – biodegradable and/or biobased plastics, which offer the unique opportunity to fully integrate plastics within the natural material cycles. The project is targeting the entire value chain with actions tailored to the needs of each segment. A lack of reliable, easily available and properly prepared information was identified as the key obstacle. To address this issue considerable effort was devoted to the preparation of unbiased information on key issues such as biodegradation, standardization and certification, biobased materials etc. Prepared documents are available in 5 languages through the project web site and the National Information Points site at or in printed form. A number of events have been organized within the frame of the project. The largest were the three International PLASTiCE Conferences: Europe for Sustainable Plastics Bologna, Italy, Oct. 2011, Trends in Bioplastics Ljubljana, Slovenia, Sept. 2012 and The Future of Bioplastics, Warsaw, Poland, Oct. 2013. The conferences brought together key representatives of European R&D, associations and industry working in the field. Most presentations from the conferences are available on the project YouTube channel (plasticeproject) which has proved itself as an excellent dissemination tool. Project partners have also organized national seminars focused at different audiences such as NGOs and industry to raise awareness and understanding of the full potential of bioplastics. The project also has an active Facebook page. Considerable attention and awareness in a wider audience was achieved through the promotion of thought-provoking movies such as Trashed by Jeremy Irons and Plastik Fantastik by Uroš Robič.A core effort of the project were a number of case studies involving partners outside the project group. The case studies havebeen completed and the results have already been used for promotion at events.The goal is to use the recorded practical examples to facilitate a wider uptake of the new opportunities offered by bioplastics. To help businesses to make an innovative change with regard to implementation of bioplastics we developed the Transnational Advisory scheme Bioplastics – Opportunity for the future available in 5 languages. The book gives a comprehensive background information to companies or others interested in using bioplastics in their operations. In support of an improved regulatory framework actions are underway to establish certification of bioplastics in two Central European countries. The blueprint for this action will be made available for use in other countries. To improve the impact of the project contacts were established with experts in countries and regions outside Central Europe that may benefit from the acquired knowledge and experience gained within the project
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