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Innovative urban strategies and action plans to increase the social and economic role of seniors  (Silver City)
Start date: Sep 30, 2012, End date: Sep 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND: Ageing poses a serious challenge to metropolitan areas of SEE: Increasing number of seniors coupled with low employment rate increases costs for the society (pensions, social services & health care) whichis especially problematic in light of constrained public budgets and economic downturn. Growing sustainable communities addressing the needs of seniors require good governance and leadership, realistic and attractive goals, innovative, integrative approaches, a bottom-up involvement and financial resources. OBJECTIVES: Long term goal: Silver City contributes to developing sustainable communities and growth areas characterized by strong public leadership and human capital, social inclusion and sound urban planning for the benefit of all & in particular senior citizens. Silver City supports priorities in EU Sustainable Development Strategy and EU2020 Strategy linked to balanced local development, social innovation, improved social cohesion through significant increase in senior employment resulting in improved economic performance and more solidarity between generations at local community level. Main objective: Contribute to socio-economic development of partner cities by creating better conditions for seniors to remain active in the society focusing on financial & institutional aspects, social services and quality of the urban living and working environment. Specific objectives: 1.Revisiting the competences, functions and potentials for municipalities to become main drivers of involving seniors in local socio-economic activities thus contributing to inclusive growth areas 2.Tackle the socio-economic and urban development aspects and other framework conditions 3. Change the mindset of local employers, policy makers and seniors regarding the potential role and value of seniors in contributing to sustainable communities and growth. This involves specific supply/demand matching initiatives and cooperation platforms. MAIN ACTIVITIES: 1. Establish innovative local/transnat. stakeholder platforms with municipalities, employment services, senior representation groups, training providers and local employers, strengthening local/transnational networks, leading to sustainable cooperation models/agreements. 2. Map out legislative/policy framework, strategies, financial incentives, employability and training programmes leading to identification of practices/models to be transferred/tested (City Surveys, Solution Engineering Sessions) 3. Address gaps/needs at transnational/local level and define action/models/approaches maximising synergies to and capitalisation of existing initiatives/projects (Transnational Silver City Action Plan, Local Implementation Plans, EU Policy Recommendations) 4. Test innovative approaches/tools in wide cooperation between through local pilot actions 5. Ensure long-term implementation though exchange, endorsement and follow-up actions (e.g. Local Implementation Plans, Transfer Sessions, guide on cooperation agreements) OUTPUTS: - City Surveys, transfer sessions and Synthesis Report - Local Implementation Plans with endorsement and guide for cooperation agreements - Transnational Silver City Action Plan - EU Policy Recommendations - Local pilot actions - Thematic workshops/reports - Local Quadruple Helix Forums Achievements: Outputs and results are available on the project website:
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