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Innovative Training on the Internationalization of the SMEs
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

An international consortium composed of a variety of institutions, from international radiance non-profit organisations to SMEs to training institutions has decided to join forces and prepare the INT-SME project, . The INT-SME project will offer an online e-learning platform for SMEs, individual entrepreneurs, managers of start-ups or BIC tenants where the training material will not be traditional and tedious modules but a collection of Case Studies (CS) narrations about issues that can occur with respect to the internationalisation process of an enterprise and strategies deployed for overcoming them. The objective of this collection of experiences will be to provide the target group with ‘informal learning experiences’ and enhance their respective skills and competencies through an innovative manner. The CSs will aim to show how SMEs have dealt / can deal successfully with issues arising at the different stages of the internationalisation process and each CS shall end with a number of learning points (Dos and Don’ts, Lessons Learnt, etc.) so as to further increase the comprehensiveness of the CS and also ensure that the main points of each CS are properly understood by the SMEs in the shortest time. Simple and short training modules shall complement the CS where necessary, e.g. in cases where a specific theory needs to be further described or where a specific notion has to be explained. These CSs will be grouped under each of the four key areas identified as important to be affecting exporting prospects, so as to facilitate their searching process by the SMEs. Additionally, a WIKI application shall be developed that will complement the CS narrations and improve the visibility and sustainability of the project. Apart from the innovativeness of the provision of the training material to the target group, we believe that another novelty of the project shall be the “soft landing experience” that we will offer to some of the SMEs who shall undertake the training course.

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