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Innovative Training for Car Mechanics students
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The present proposal is aiming at results that would not have been possible for the participants to obtain inside Macedonia The trainees 30 persons in the specialty of Car Technicians, are of different ages, of different social and financial backgrounds who don’t have experience from traveling abroad and they don’t speak sufficiently a foreign language. Whatever specialization they can obtain inside the country is limited to studying in a school or in accelerated programs. The aim is to gain knowledge, skills and abilities in the specific field, that are not provided in our country, as well as new views and attitudes through the whole experience. The attached training program is defined with clarity and it is completely realistic. It includes and mentions clearly and in details the times, the places, the seminar titles, the laboratory courses and the people that will take part in the program as well as the sites to visit and the cultural happenings. All the activities which are described in the program are completely relevant and necessary for the acquisition of specialty in the subject as it is ascertained by their titles. The suggested methodology is the best possible as it would not have been possible to cover all the material that was asked from the trainees in 2 weeks only through lab courses; so theoretical seminars, lab exercises, technical visits and internships in garages were combined for the students to observe from close how their specialty works in another country.The certification (Europass mobility) that was chosen is recognizable in a European level and the holder of the europass is therefore able to look for work in Macedonia and in the other European countries since all the activities that took place during the project are extensively displayed in the europass both in Macedonian and in English language.The partners have assumed specific tasks which are reported thoroughly in the proposal: preparation and acceptance of the training program, selection of places for seminars and laboratories, educational visits, cultural activities, supervision of the program’s application and extra events are carried in common by both HO and SO. For the stay, the food and the local transportation HO has only an advisory role. It is the SO who takes care of these things. The school handles the issue of airport tickets, the safety of the participants and their transportation to and from the airport. Both organizations evaluate the whole project. Certifications are issued by the HO which also helps the school in the issuing of the Europass. Each organization submits a final report and in the computer fills in the corresponding fields. The HO handles the issuing of all invoices required to cover the costs.The evaluation will be realized via an in-between evaluation at the end of the first week and a final one at the end of the project in Greece from the HO and in Macedonia from the SO. In all the previous evaluations a weighted questionnaire will be completed, with open and closed type questions that will examine all the goals even the satisfaction from the transportation and the food. The results will be verified through a discussion with the trainees and they will be posted at the school’s website both in Macedonian and English language together with the summary of the project and photographic material. At the same time they will be announced at the HO and they will be displayed at the school’s bulletin board. In an event that the school will organize the results will be revealed in front of all trainees, educators, organizations that supervise the school and the participants themselves will inform the audience for the experience that they obtained from the project. At World Café all together will share with a cup of coffee at hand personal experiences from the program. In cooperation with the Graphic Designer Department the trainees will design a handout and a poster where the school’s event will be advertised.
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