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Start date: Nov 2, 2015, End date: Nov 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

- BACKGROUND: the current training in the aquaculture sector is based in forming the workers with traditional methodologies and materials, which aren´t adjusted with the current technological development nor a European perspective. The proposal "app_HEALTHY_FISH" intends to develop an "INNOVATIVE TOOL TO TRAIN THE STAFF OF AQUACULTURE FARMS IN HEALTH AND WELFARE OF FISH (educational app for mobile and tablets )". This tool will include the "STANDARIZED TRAINING PROGRAM: HEALTHY_FISH " at European level. In this educational app, it will be possible learn the training modules about health and welfare through electronic devices This innovative tool for the sector will contribute with an improvement in the organization, imparting and efficiency of the training. The "technological innovation" will be reached taking the best technologies of the information of the market and it will suppose a "strategic development of the sector" because it will improve substantially the service of training given at present, allowing a “more dynamical and effective training” and a " technological development " inside the current society, contributing an improvement in the competitiveness and a step towards the excellence. - The MAIN OBJECTIVES are: - Training program to develop the basic skills undeveloped at present: HEALTH AND WELFARE of fish of aquaculture farms. This Training Program at European level will be developed in digital support - Development of an educational application for mobiles and tablets (IOs and ANDROIDS). From the app, users can access to the different modules, get on the course forum, write messages to him and receive notifications. And all this from anywhere. It will be linked to the social networks that treat common topics with the aims of the project. This educational app will be designed by the corporate image of the project. These results will be developed in all language´s partners and English to allow the support of the Training Public Organism and facilitate their diffusion and impact. Partnership have chosen an app for mobile and tablets because is very common that a lot of people use these devices - PARTNERSHIP: the consortium of this proposal is formed by the following partners: - C1 (professional association): APROMAR. Spain. APROMAR will be the applicant - C2 (multinational corporation, training company, projects developer): SGS TECNOS. Spain. - C3 (professional association): API. Italy - C4: (University): DOKUZ. Turkey - C5: (Chamber of Economy): CCE. Croatia APROMAR selected these countries because a favourable farmed fish health status in the Mediterranean requires collaboration between countries. Farm workers basic training on fish health plus positive networking between veterinary experts is the basics for a proactive approach to fish health”. Patners have a common need between them: to develop the training contents to qualify the staff in some transverse competences: “health” and “welfare” of the fish, “physicochemical parameters to analyze”, “terms of sampling and measurement parameters”, “protocols for physical and chemical analysis”, “determination of correctives measures”, “development of Health Programms for farms”, “diagnosis of common diseases” and “veterinary treatments”) The EXPECTED RESULT of this project is developing "INNOVATIVE TOOL TO TRAIN THE STAFF OF AQUACULTURE FARMS IN HEALTH AND WELFARE OF FISH (EDUCATIONAL APP)" - The EXPECTED IMPACTS to reach with this project is: - To favor the standardization of the training as for professional qualification of staff of the aquaculture sector to European level - Provision of learning and innovative materials of training - To favor the access to the e_learning - To facilitate the recycling training - Promotion of the linguistic diversity (proved in all the languages of the consortium and in English) - To facilitate and improves the communication between personnel of the sector - Sustainability of this young industry thanks to the learning on the health and well-being of the fish - technological Development and improvement of the competitiveness of the sector with the introduction of the ICT - To facilitate the putting in march of practices and future projects of transnational character. - Professionalization of the workers and sector.
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