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INnovative TEaching Method for an Inclusive School
Start date: Sep 5, 2016, End date: Sep 4, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IN.TE.M.I.S. is a project aimed at introduce in VET School and Center, ICT based Flipped Learning, an innovative and student-centred pedagogical approach, to increase the quality of teaching and learning, to help reduce early school leaving, to decrease the number of under-skilled teenagers, and ultimately to support modernization of education and training systems.The project idea originates from the needs faced by personnel engaged in vocational schools and their colleagues in other European countries, about the main problems that nowadays they are facing: the learning pedagogical innovation, the introduction in schools of new information technologies and the de-motivation of the students, transformed in extreme cases, in school leaving before the end of the study cycle. This phenomena is affecting many Italian and European professional schools, that require a methodological and technological teachers' preparation to modernize the general student learning, increase the appeal of the study in the unmotivated ones and to create inclusive schools, open to meet the learning needs of both "talented" and "differently talented" students. Furthermore Italian Vet schools have another problem to deal with: the low level of English knowledge by Italian VET students compared with their European counterparts.So, objective of the project is to train VET teachers and trainers in the use of the most innovative teaching strategies and to implement in VET schools and Centers the Flipped Learning Methodology, focusing on a specific topic: “English language learning”. The objective is also to improve teacher and students digital literacy and increase motivation of both students and teachers, enhance academic success, improve social skills of students, make students love their school and lessons soto contribute to reduce early school leaving and, generally, to develop schools’ teaching and learning.Project partners are 3 Vet Schools and Centers( from Italy and Iceland) 2 HE institutes (Portugal and Danmark), 2 companies experts in the field of Flipped learning (Greece and Spain).The 3 Vet schools and center are IIS Leonardo da Vinci, Project Leader and Essenia Uetp Vet Center from Italy and Keilir Atlantic Center of Excellence, from Iceland. The HE Institutes are Universidad Portucalense from Portugal and University College South Denmark, from Denmark. The companies expert in flipped learning are Inercia Digital from Spain and Action Synergy from Greece.The main activities planned are:- 3 Transnational Meetings among all partners, respectively in Italy, Portugal, Denmark - A comparative research on innovative education in Europe and on the needs of the VET teachers - 2 training activities for VET teachers and trainers, respectively on “Innovative teaching: pedagogical and technological aspects" in Spain and “Implementation and evaluation methods of the flipped classroom” in Greece- 2 blended mobilities of VET learners- Construction of educational material on the topic "English Language"- Testing of the pilot project in the individual classes - Guidelines for the implementation of blended learning environments- 1 Last Transnational Meeting in Italy coincident with Conference for Dissemination of resultsResults will be professional development of VET teachers and trainers in new teaching and learning methods, improved student skills in IT and English language, increased interest in the study even by the most disinterested learning, increased communication skills through interaction with students from other territories, production of new didactic material.The participant organizations, both the partners and the external organizations are expected to improve their ability in manage European funded projects, gain new experience in the EU projects, learn from each other and establish new partnerships in Europe, share know-how and best practice examples, widen their offer of educational activities, improve the curricula offered to VET students, increase quality of vocational education combining higher levels of excellence and attractiveness with increased opportunities for all, including disadvantaged ones. Another important result will be increased motivation for language learning through innovative teaching methods or better links to practical use of language skills required by the labour market.

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