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Innovative Strategic Partnership for European Higher Education
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The overall objective of the project is to support the development of an innovative pathway by improving long-term strategic collaboration between Higher Education Institutions (hereinafter referred to as HEIs) and enterprises and enhancing the development of sustainable learning advancements in HEIs. The specific objectives of the project are: - To support and implement models for effective and practical learning, through raising the awareness for an innovation driven culture -To establish a foundation for promoting innovation and various career paths among prospective students - To develop cutting-edge technology platform The overall and specific objectives address the following needs: strengthening the link between HEIs and the business sector, establishing joint contemporary educational practices based on existing curricula implemented separately in each partnering institution, raising innovation awareness of students and improving the intrapreneurial culture in existing businesses. The project Consortium is composed of five organizations from four different Programme Countries: the Integrated Business Institute (IBI) - FYR Macedonia (Applicant Organization), The University College of Economics and Culture (EKA) – Latvia (Partner Organization), University of Pavia – Italy (Partner Organization), Riga Technical University (RTU) – Latvia (Partner Organization) and University of Ljubljana – Slovenia (Partner Organization). The proposal will be composed of the following phases and activities: I) Preparation phase Developing a Project website Promotion of the project Kick-off meeting - Organized by IBI (Skopje) Preparation of Inception Report II) Implementation phase Component 1: Strategic integration of learning modules (SILM) SILM Needs Assessment Analysis Working Group Meeting – Perspectives and Modernization of Higher Education. Intensive Capacity Building Staff Programme –one week event organized at the premises of UNIPV. Integrated Model for Fostering an Innovation Driven Culture and Learning Efficiency at HEIs – A pilot model will be designed, presenting an integrated teaching approach composed of the best practices shared by the HEIs. Implementing the Integrated Model – The Model will be tested in each of the partner institutions for a whole semester. Component 2: Establishment of a Consolidated Career Centre Intensive Capacity Building Staff Programme–one week study programme organized at the premises of the UL. Establishment of a Pilot Consolidated Career Centre Component 3: Development of technological platform Building BEP version 1.0 Testing and improving the BEP version 1.0 Building BEP version 2.0 III) Dissemination IV) Follow up V) Conclusion phase The activity plan is addressed to the following target groups: Research and Higher Educational Institutions, Students, Business organizations, Public bodies and institutions and Chambers of Commerce. The Consortium will devote its maximum effort in the implementation of the proposed project activities for the achievement of the following results: -Increased and strengthened network of stakeholders and enhanced communication among the partnering institutions and stakeholders -Enhanced public awareness for the project activities and expected results -Enhanced capacities of staff - project team members from getting an in-depth introduction to the learning practices, administrative issues, innovative concepts and practical learning -Developed an ‘Integrated Model for Fostering an Innovation Driven Culture and Learning Efficiency at HEIs -Raised public awareness by organizing a public Event for promoting the ‘Integrated Model for Fostering an Innovation Driven Culture and Learning Efficiency at HEIs -Increased capacities of staff - project team members to undertake advisory activities, pedagogical services and participatory approach in guiding students to most suitable prospective career paths -Established and developed core operational capacities of a Pilot Consolidated Career Centre -Created and maintained a fully operational Business Education Public (BEP) Integration Platform. The proposal will produce the following impact: -Provide a positive change in the currently implemented educational best practices - Improve the provision for prospective career choices by offering joint expertise from a team of internationally recognized experts in various fields -The removal of communication barriers among the stakeholders of the project, positively affecting the long-term collaborative culture among them - Increase the involvement of the students and the business community in collaborative efforts with the educational sector.

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