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Innovative Strategic Management Games as a teaching methodology for entrepreneurship and business education
Start date: Oct 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to the Europe2020 Strategy, Europe should become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world. The Europe2020 Strategy conclusions stressed the central role of education and training as the main instrument to increase human capital. MMost of the managers are only partially satisfied with the training of the employees. The main reason why employers consider training as not sufficiently effective is: - Lack of activities designed to improve adult education provision across the participating countries; - Lack of training institutions capable to design and implement effective strategies for enhancing basic skills; - Lack of training institutions to carry out effective training; - Inability to apply new knowledge in practice; - Lack of employee interest, etc. In the current economic and social framework, enterprises, especially small and medium businesses (SME) should present stronger innovation capacity for strategic management and internationalisation. Taking this into consideration, it has become more important than ever that companies take advantage of the potential of the human capital they have and further expand its capacity and engine through innovation and ICT. It is a consensus that ICT supports the development of innovative learning environments, especially through virtual games, that focus on specific settings and creates real scenarios with which the user interacts to respond to specific challenges and learns how to successfully address the problems or obstacles. Such virtual games, have back-stories based on real-based situations, and follow a professional context line, even if inferred. In addition, interactivity makes it possible to know the impact of the player’s actions, by his/her answers to questions or situations in virtual scenarios. Virtual Games are especially useful for skill development. Rather than offering traditional paper-based or online static courses, games can offer an incredibly immersive and engaging environment where users ‘learn by doing’. Users make and learn from their own mistakes in a controlled environment. This trial and error based approach supports well learning and is able also to improve teamwork, social skills, leadership and collaboration. BGame aims to create a strategic management virtual game for SMEs to further improve the strategic management skills of SME employees and managers and extend the learning opportunities of individual adult learners in entrepreneurial contexts. This aim will be accomplished by designing and producing innovative learning resources (game scenarios) able to support strategic management by using real situations in professional contexts, meeting the needs of SME’s managers and other staff in business-oriented companies. To accomplish such aim, BGame will: • Assess the actual competence of the company employees for using Virtual Games in Strategic Management. • To train 25 managers (including HR representatives) on teaching Strategic Management Games, • To develop 8 cases ready to use in Virtual Games, • To develop teaching notes for the games and pilot 8 games training a group of managers on Strategic Management, • To amend the 8 games according to the feedback after the pilot training, • To develop the textbook and an article on using ICT in teaching process, • Disseminate results of the project in 1 international conference. Target groups of the project are: direct – adult learners (managers). Indirect target group are educators & trainers dealing with Strategic Management education. The beneficiaries are: adult learners, SME managers, enterprises. Duration of the project will be 24 months.
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