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Start date: Jan 31, 2009, End date: Sep 29, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The ISEDE -NET concept was conceived within a TCA dissemination conference on Social Entrepreneurship (SE) financed through the EQUAL C.I. in October 2007. It is a link between 2 Programming periods of SF, capitalizing results of 2000-2006 along as new experimentations to be undertaken by the project, and projecting them into the 2007-2013 period. Moreover ISEDE-NET is planned in a period of financial turmoil, when real economy based on innovation, sustainability, inclusion is expected to have a renewed role. The global objective of ISEDE-NET is to support the development of SE across the SEES, contributing to social and economic cohesion. Specific objectives are: 1) identify driving forces for SE development; 2) mobilize a transnational network of SE and promote participation to ISEDE-NET social network; 3) implement pilot innovative actions (finance, business support services, market development); 4) promote innovation and new SE creation; 5) commit stakeholders to SE development 6) providing a chance for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups. 5 thematic WPs are delivered: WP3: Research on SE; WP4: Establishment of the ISEDE?NET Portal; WP5: Development of an innovative financial tool; WP6: Development of business support services; WP7: Development of market niches. Main expected outputs: 8 national research studies on SE; ISEDE-NET social network populated by min. 400 SE; n. 1 feasibility study for innovative financial tool, informative and training material in 8 languages and online local help-desks, n. min. 4 feasibility studies on new potential market niches. Main expected results are: 1) better knowledge about driving forces of SE at PP and stakeholder level; 2) permanent transnational public-private network committed to the development of SE; 3) permanent transnational network of SE with increased business capacities and improved road to market; 4) implementation of pilot actions for the development of SE sector. Achievements: • Benchmarking study on social entrepreneurship• National report on social economy sector in Austria• National report on social economy sector in Bulgaria• National report on social economy sector in Greece• National report on social economy sector in Hungary• National report on social economy sector in Italy• National report on social economy sector in Serbia• National report on social economy sector in Slovenia• National report on social economy sector in Ukraine• Placing Value on Social Enterprise - report on financial tools for social enterprises For more information see:

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  • 2007 - 2013 South East Europe
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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