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Innovative Simulator Tools for Quality Management Production Process Training in VET

The modern society is extensively depending on welded products likebridges, constructions of pipes and buildings. Our safety depends onquality of materials, welder’s basic competence, and their continuousskills upgrading towards new welding processes and materials. •Sustainable economic growth of the European knowledge basedeconomy is strengthened by offering welder specialists in the Europeanwide fabrication industry (turnover of more than 1.6 billion Euros per year,1.900.000 employees, with free movement of products, services andpersonnel) improved learning environments that considerably reducefailures related to cracking in welding fabrication due to increasedhardness in the material. Cracking must usually be followed up by veryexpensive repair procedures. Increased hardness may easily occur ifsteel is heated too much during the welding process! • A competitiveEuropean economy is promoted by application of quality managementassurance services for institutions dealing with vocational training, due toestablishment and development of quality control culture into industrialproduction processes training!iQSim develops innovative and interactive web-based simulator qualitymanagement tools, for integration in LMS(s), that improve a) skillsupgrading processes in mechanical industry and welding, b) the teachingquality management designs, and c) the learning environment in VETtraining programs. WHAT: iQSim elaborates a single point of access to(multilingual) simulator tools to be applied in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania,and Hungary, as well as in Europe. The tools improve learningenvironments by enabling teaching of quality management through i)activation of prior experiences, ii) demonstration of skills, iii) application ofskills, and iv) inclusion of skills into real-world descriptions. Also, iQSimprovides management and quality assurance of vocational training withan effective tool, such that VET schools, instructors, students or welderprofessionals select and obtain the most time and cost-efficientproduction methods and processes. iQSim integrates development andtesting of the simulators in combination with pilot training that utilizes newpedagogical methodologies.The impact envisaged by iQSim is to develop a brand new type ofsimulator tools that improve existing training materials and study paths, incombination with development of new pedagogical methodologies. iQSimoffers easy access to the best cost-efficient production process solutionsthat minimizes welding defects, while maintaining the best tolerances ofthe welding parameters. The advantage of online simulator tools is thatstudents and instructors may dynamical play with the essential weldingparameters in order to visually understand the tolerance windowoccurring in real life production facilities, and make up alternativedecision routes that may handle both technical and economicalproduction tasks. Advanced mathematical calculations are hidden, byutilizing advanced online Computer Algebra Systems, such that skilledwelder specialists that don’t have any special mathematical knowledgemay use them by accessing easy to use high-end graphical interfaces.This ensures that European VET institutions may enter the competitiveeducation market through a quality approach guaranteeing that thesimulator services are conform to explicit international guidelines andquality standards in welding.
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