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Innovative Quality Mentoring for Social Inclusion
Start date: Oct 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed project partnership intends to offer lifelong learning benefits to less educated and low skills categories of people by using innovative and quality mentoring techniques to improve their level of social inclusion and employability. The projects will focus on developing, sharing and transferring innovative mentoring practices between participating countries, enabling organisations to work together in order to developing adult educators’ competences to deal with diversified groups of learners, making use of new technologies and teaching outcomes. Also the project will contribute to improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery. The project proposed intervention is following a previous collaboration between current partners during 2012-2014 within Community Mentoring for Social Inclusion Partnership funded LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnerships (GRU-13-P-LP-237-SV-UK). The previous partnership project aimed to compare and contrast the experiences, methodologies, definitions and assumptions of the different approaches used by the organizations involved in providing learning opportunities to socially disadvantaged members of communities and involve representatives from these groups in these processes. As a result of these exchanges the project collectively designed and integrated approaches based on attracting, training and empowering successful individuals from similar backgrounds to socially disadvantaged adults, to become community mentors. The project aims at increasing institutional capacity of the project partners, empowering them to provide new and innovative services for social inclusion in Europe. The training of trainers will generate a legacy to the project, and will ensure the cascading of learning continues after completion. The pool of trainers in each member country will be an asset to the organization and their local community. In this context the objectives proposed for developing a new partnership program are: 1. Development of a common professional profile of Community Mentors for Social Inclusion at European level, based on the initial assessment and lessons learned and best practices applied in partners countries. 2. Develop training curricula adapted to the common professional profile of Community Mentor for Social Inclusion (based on the initial assessment). 3. Increased institutional capacity of 6 organizations in 4 countries by providing modern and innovative training to their key staff involved in community mentoring for social inclusion. 4. Develop competences and skills of 132 professional in adult education to become community mentors for social inclusion using short-term staff training and learners blending mobilities. 5. Develop innovative tools to transfer information and knowledge, promote and support community mentoring activities. The intellectual outputs created during the project, generate training tools and materials, transferable in any European country and will continue to be used by the project partners and also other organizations. * The Community Mentor Profile developed during the partnership is an important reference for future interventions and it will sustain itself based on the quality of the content. *The curricula and training modules that will be developed will constitute transferable knowledge ready to be used by any interested organization. This training is an important asset for any organization involved in community mentoring building its capacity to deliver training services to the community. * The critical mass of 132 professionals in adult education trained in community mentoring (22 people in each organization) will ensure the multiplier effect of the intervention. They also represent important assets to their organization, which can valorise their improved skills and competences. Therefore each organization will be interested to support their activities from their own resources as a win-win strategy. * Community Mentoring 4 Inclusion guide (electronic format), and the Video "Community Mentoring in the European context" will ensure both project visibility and knowledge transferability long after the project will end. Last but not least the partnership will continue to exist after the project ending based on common interests and values. All partners will continue to work together and share experiences regarding a common profile of Community Mentor for Social inclusion at European level, which can be recognized/ certified at national and international level. The project will strengthen cooperation between all partners network by extending their activities and actions in the field of inclusion. It will also encourage interaction between all organizations in partner countries, contributing to inter-cultural dialogue.
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