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Need:The project idea comes from a previous transnational exchange partnership. Allparticipants have been working with trainers and regularly analyzing their learningneeds. Based on the analysis of motivational methods used in LLL it has been foundthat each institution is successfully using its method that is not well known to others orefficiently used. The aim of this multilateral project is to develop the most interestingmethods (5) and implement them into the course that is included in the Comenius-Grundtvig database. Alongside innovative methods, new methodological material will beelaborated to increase the interest and motivation of adult learners in variouseducational areas and improve the quality and attractiveness of, and access to, adulteducation.Target groups: Trainers, tutors, adult learnersMain activities:To set up a team of professionals who will provide expertise, propose the content of thecourse consisting of 5 modules, analyse the best learning approaches, methodologyand evaluation.Each module will be presented and tested in the country of its origin, evaluated andmodified. Modules will be implemented in a final course. The curricula andmethodologies of each module and the final course will be available to potential learnerson the web portal. The final course with innovative learning approaches and methodswill be included C-G database.Delivery: in EN, ES, DE and CZ languages.Expected outputs• Grundtvig training course• Trainer’s handbook (c. 90 pages)• Methodological toolbox• Interactive web portal• E-association of trainers• DVD (module samples)• Web portal and the handbook will (in EN, ES, DE, CZ.• Other outputs will be in EN.Impact and disseminationShort-term beneficiaries are trainers and learners of partners´ institutions. Long-termones are adult learners of Grundtvig course and trainers. Outputs will be disseminatedvia a final conference, web portal, electronic newsletter, brochure, regional authoritiesand distributed in project countries.
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