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Innovative Integrated Training in Healing Plants Business
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Farming is important for the EU's natural environment, as around half the EU's land is farmed (82.2% in Greece, 81 % in Bulgaria, 87% in Romania, and 80% in Spain). The economic importance of the sector is therefore significant and can enhance its competitiveness by overcoming its structural, limitations. Thus comparative advantage of the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, known for their healing and aromatic properties, stands high on this list, recognized as one of the most profitable alternative crops, taking into account that aromatic and medicinal plants can be cultivated in poor mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. For the successful and sustainable development of this sector are necessary: specialized knowledge and skills, for cultivation, and handling procedures, that certifying the quality characteristics of the end product. Major importance issue is also the knowledge of therapeutic value and possible application of medical plants which can increase the public demand, create new jobs, and provide a serious additional income for rural residents as well.The project’s main innovation, as its educational system will be addressed not only to Farming Trainers / Advisors in Area of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (See but to farmers too as it has been recognized and by the European Union the lack of agricultural training. As it is already decided according to European Rural Development Programme (RDP) all project partner countries are about to invest on training of farmers. Therefore the Total Business Plants project can act complementary to those actions offering its innovative training system, aiming to increase employability in rural section. In the same order under the RDP umbrella the partner countries are about to finance young farmers to start up their business, in case that they have the necessary knowledge and skills. Thus the Total Business Plants project based on EQF/NQF frameworks will establish national models, methods and experiences in the partner countries and will find its further realization contributing to transparency and recognition of skills and competences offering specialized knowledge in the field.The Total Business plants target groups are: farmers cooperation, farmers business associations, local authorities, but as well as to institutions, training establishments who seeks to promote up-and re-skilling of professionals in rural sector. It also focuses on arising public understanding, and promoting the project’s open learning recourses practical use, for improving population’s general health status.The Total Business Project will provide a competence based training programme, build in different modules, for total management of aromatic & therapeutic plants cultivation. To this end, the following specific objectives will be pursued:• implementation of organic farming techniques in aromatic and therapeutic plants cultivation, • certification procedures of the production process• quality characteristics of the final product needed in order to be admissible from the pharmaceutical industry• business orientation for expanding in new markets• knowledge about therapeutic use of aromatic & therapeutic plants• data base creation for alternative ways of healing and improving general health status in humansThe Total Business Plants project consortium is motivated to organize and perform the project programme on the basis of their broad and complementary background.The A O University of Thessaly, is experienced in leading EU projects and possess strong contacts with project’s sector professionals. The partners Sofia University, FYG Consultores Spain, have extensive experience in VET education and close relations with other educational establishments in Europe and the business sector as well. The partner Danmar Computers LLC Poland will also contribute with its professional expertise in ICT and its experience, in marketing and public relations. The NGO Biognosis from Greece will promote the exchange of scientific and technical information, and by its association partner the Hippocratic International Homeopathic Academy will further disseminate the project open learning recourses to doctors, pharmacists alternative healers and wider public.The Total business Plants innovative results will be:National Case Studies ooverviewing targets’ needs in rural sector.Total Business Plants Interactive Web Platform &’s virtual tool,Innovative Integrated training Material& E-learning Online plants encyclopaediaThe realization of the Total Business Plants project’s dissemination strategy is all partners’ responsibility. Using their relationships with target organizations and providing information materials to the potential beneficiaries through different dissemination channels will ensure a broad platform for dissemination of project’s deliverables and sustainability of project results.

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