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Innovative Dual mEmbrAne fueL Cell (IDEAL-CELL)
Start date: Jan 1, 2008, End date: Dec 31, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IDEAL-Cell proposes to develop a new innovative and competitive concept of a high temperature Fuel Cell, operated in the range 600-700°C, based on the junction between a PCFC anode/electrolyte part and a SOFC electrolyte/cathode, through a mixed H2 and O2 conducting porous ceramic membrane. Protons created at the anode progress toward the central membrane to meet with Oxygen ions created at the cathode, to form water, which is evacuated through the interconnected porosity network. Therefore, in our concept, Hydrogen, Oxygen and water are located in 3 independent chambers, which allows avoiding all the detrimental consequences linked to the presence of water at electrodes (low fuel and electrical efficiency, interconnect corrosion, need for a gas counter-flow…). The IDEAL-Cell concept brings a considerable enhancement of the overall system efficiency (fine-tuning of the catalytic properties of the electrode, possibility of applying a pressure on both the electrode sides, more simpler and compact stack-design with less sophisticated interconnects, more efficient pre-heating of gas, simplified heat exchange system for co-generation, availability of high quality pure water for vaporeforming …). This 4-year project, divided in 2 parts, is organized so that the risk is minimized at each step. The first 2 years will focus on the proof of the concept with routine materials; the last 2 years will be dedicated to the development of an optimized short-stack with advanced materials and architecture. The project work programme is based on extensive theory and modelling, material development, testing techniques development, benchmarking and dissemination of the knowledge acquired during the duration of the project. The best European teams have been carefully selected according to their complementary expertises and skills, and so that the type of activities involved (academic research, applied research, materials supply) ensures the success of the IDEAL-Cell project.
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