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Innovative autoMotive MEa Development – implementation of Iphe-genie Achievements Targeted at Excellence (IMMEDIATE)
Start date: Jan 1, 2013, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The prime focus of IMMEDIATE is to develop high performing MEAs aimed for automotive applications through material R&D & process optimisation. The technical targets aimed in IMMEDIATE are addressing the JTI targets for automotive MEAs with respect to performance & cost. The proposed project is a continuation of the recently terminated and very successful FP6 R&D-project: IPHE-GENIE. The IMMEDIATE project approach is based on utilisation and further improvement of the materials and processes. Thus, the approach and the technical IMMEDIATE targets are as follows:-Development of a membrane with-A proton conductivity of at least 0.1 S/cm at 120ºC & 25% RH-Thermal stability up to 160ºC-Low dimensional changes (<10%, wet/dry)-Development of MEAs that show high performance [1 W/cm2 @ UCell=0.68V (hEl=55%)] at low Platinum loadings [ 0.15g Pt/kW] through:-Catalyst development and design-Ionomer and membrane optimisation-Electrode design-GDL optimisation-Process optimisation-Testing of the developed MEAs on single cell and on small stacks level at realistic automotive operating conditions i.e. T=120ºC, RH 25%, P=1.5bar, yet being able to start from -20°C-Application of automotive AST protocols to make a 5,000 h’s lifetime probableIt is considered that especially the combination of these targets is both challenging and a significant step forward.The project is scheduled for 3 years. The Consortium is well balanced, with the following 9 partners complementing one another to achieve the project target goals:•A PEM MEA manufacturing company (IRD [SME]) - coordinator•A leading manufacturer of ion exchange polymers and membranes (FuMa)•A huge producer of specialised carbon and graphite (TC)•A huge GDL manufacturing company (SGL)•A leading supplier (OEM) of commercial transport solutions (Volvo)-4 R&D centres/universities, with more than 15 years’ experience working within PEM catalyst, ionomer, membrane & MEA development (ICPF, CNRS, SJTU & JRC)
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