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Innovative approaches towards teaching anti-corruption in formal education
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Transparency International, the leading global movement against corruption, has conducted representative research in EU countries showing that the young generation is feeling uninformed and unequipped to fight corruption. No national or EU level strategy has been developed in the member states to tackle this need. Anti-corruption education in schools is still far from being a reality, despite of the fact that subjects suitable for its incorporation, (such as ethics or introduction to law) are parts of the curricula. In 2013, TI Slovenia and TI Hungary have already partnered in an EU funded project, and developed a handbook on corruption aimed for students: Students against Corruption. This project will draw on the 3 NGO partners’ expertise in the field of youth integrity, as well as on 2 schools’ experiences in education and competition organization per country, to push for an integration of anti-corruption education in the school curricula, through 3 key set of activities. Firstly, by further developing the handbook to suit high school teachers’ needs when implementing anti-corruption training in schools, and the production of an OER e-modul aimed for students. The development of these educational materials will be done as a joint effort of CSOs and teachers, as part of the second set of activities: the mobilization of teachers and students, namely teachers’ training (through which the handbook will be piloted and the e-modul developed) and following that, students’ training conducted by teachers themselves. Students will be educated through these trainings, and the e-modul disseminated in schools. Furthermore, they will be mobilized through a transnational short movie contest: “A corruption story: can you find a way out?”. The third set of activities is advocacy towards policy makers, education sector stakeholders on the regional, national and EU level, aimed at convincing them to include an anti-corruption curriculum in secondary school education. This advocacy message will be strong if backed by piloted educational materials, and an initial set of teachers and students whose experiences will guide the long-term strategic change that we advocate for!
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