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Innovation, Research and Science at school
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Present trends in education state that DESIGNING AND CARRYING OUT A RESEARCH OR INNOVATION PROJECT in Baccaularate could be an important tool aimed at INCREASING THE INTEREST OF STUDENTS IN SCIENCE AND RESEARCH, the NUMBER OF SCIENTIFIC VOCATIONS in University and, finally, the EXCELLENCE of the educational system as a whole. But students who enroll on these kind of projects have to face some DIFFICULTIES, such as lack of external assessment or a reduced impact of their projects. This project, called INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND SCIENCE AT SCHOOL is aimed at: - PRESENTING THE BEST RESEARCH OR INNOVATION PROJECTS IN DIFFERENT EUROPEAN COUNTRIES so as to increase their diffusion - PROVIDING TRANSNATIONAL FEEDBACK AND ASSESSMENT to these research projects - Allowing STUDENTS OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES TO KEEP IN CONTACT so that they can share their research experience and good practices - MAKING OUR STUDENTS CLOSER TO UNIVERSITIES AND RESEARCH ORGANISATIONS to let them know the European Research and Innovation of the 21st century. - Improving the SCIENTIFIC AND LANGUAGE COMPETENCE of the students involved in this project Five schools take part in this project: IES Ramiro de Maeztu (Madrid, Spain), which is the applicant partner, Istituto E. Montale Nuovo IPC (Genoa, Italy), John Fitzgerald Kennedy Schule (Berlin, Germany) , Kungsholmes Gymnasium (Stockhokm, Sweden) and Lorentz Lyceum (Arrnhem, The Netherlands). IES Ramiro de Maeztu, Lorentz Lyceum and Kungsholmes Gymnasium are bilingual schools which have International Baccaularate Sections. All these three partners are points of reference for schools in their cities and, as International Baccaularate schools, they have a great experience in research, innovation and collaboration projects. John Fitzgerald Kennedy schule is a school of reference in Berlin because of its bilingual program, with broad experience in research projects . Finally, Istituto E Montale Nuovo is an innovative school specialised in language learning. The core of the project is a number of SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUMS where students of the participant schools will PRESENT THEIR OWN RESEARCH OR INNOVATION PROJECTS to the rest of the students, by means of an intellectual outcome, such as a scientific poster, a presentation, video, book or article. Each school will host one of these symposiums, according to its previous experience or background in the disciplines covered by the project: Science & Technology, Physics, Life and Environmental sciences, Social & Human Sciences, Art and Music. Each Symposium will include DIFFUSION ACTIVITIES where the involved students will get to know the actual research carried out in these countries in order to make them come closer to the daily life of Universities or Research or Innovation Institutions. Furthermore, the participant schools will also program other activities addressed to give our students closer to research or to increase their interest in science, such as MASTERCLASSES, SHORT-TERM STAYS IN RESEARCH INSTITUTES OR LECTURES. These activities will be organised in collaboration with external institutions such as SPANISH NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (CSIC), RADBOUD UNIVERSITY or GOBIERNO PROVINZIALE DE GENOVA. The results or outcomes of the project, such as SCIENTIFIC POSTERS OR REPORTS, ASSESSMENTS REPORT OF THE PROJECTS, VIDEOS, ARTICLES or CDs, will be shown on the WEBSITE OF THE PROJECT and presented in a final INTERNATIONAL INNVATION & RESEARCH CONFERENCE in Madrid in April 2016, when the project will be close to an end. The expected impact on the participant schools will be the following: - To INCREASE THE NUMBER OF SCIENTIFIC VOCATIONS AND INTEREST IN SCIENCE, RESEARCH AND INNOVATION among the students involved in the project - To SPREAD GOOD PRACTICES among the schools, which will take advantage of the synergies provided by their partners - To increase the EXCELLENCE OF THE RESEARCH projects carried out in our schools - To IMPROVE THE LANGUAGE and SCIENTIFIC COMPETENCE of the students involved in the project - To DISSEMINATE THE RESEARCH PROJECTS carried out in each school through different countries of the European Union - To RECEIVE TRANSNATIONAL FEEDBACK on their research projects - To increase the COLLABORATION BETWEEN SECONDARY SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES, research institutions and other external stakeholders Finally, when the project comes to its end, the aplicant schools will try to continue collaborating in order to ESTABLISH PERMANENT COLLABORATION NETWORKS among them, which eventually could allow long time exchange of students, sharing of scientific facilities or use state-of-the-art equipment of a foreign school. Furthermore, this future collaboration also allow the MAINTENANCE OF THE WEBPAGE OF THE PROJECT and let the school SHARE GOOD PRACTICES in several fields, such as BILINGUALISM, International Baccaularate schools or RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE STANDARDS.
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