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Innovation and Growth - MBA Programme for Doctoral Students
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

Diversification of doctoral career options, curricula of academic entrepreneurship and highly specialised science-based innovations are promoted and on the increase in Europe. New innovations are mainly expected to emerge in knowledge intensive fields, where lack of business competence is curbing the interest of postgraduate and doctoral students to commercialise their innovations by starting a business or realising it in an existing firm. Knowledge intensive business is global and requires work within and development of transnational networks and liaisons. Still transnational and interdisciplinary training programmes for PhDs in business competence are scarce.The project seeks to fulfil the above task by developing a transnational joint MBA programme for doctoral students (12 modules, total 120 ECTS), which combined to the earlier studies taken by the students will constitute a PhD+MBA entity, an entirely new and innovative training programme in European level. The envisaged impact are enhanced understanding of business competence, business start-up and commercialization activities among PhDs, which will give the PhDs more employment opportunities and enable the transfer of their knowledge and value creation to the society. Key development activities in the project are benchmark research, module development based on best practices, testing the selected modules via pilot trainings, evaluation of the pilots, and validation of the programme to ensure that it can be run in the future outside the consortium. The partners will adopt the programme to ensure that it forms an integral part of the academic curricula. Long term aim is to enable doctoral students and researchers across Europe to access learning opportunities. Therefore, the transnational elements of the MBA programme will enable the contextualizing of the materials for use in different sectors and business environments and the programme will be disseminated through university networks in Europe.
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