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Innovación metodológica para aumentar la motivación y reducir el absentismo
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND: The Official School of Languages of Ibiza offers language education to adults, cooperation teaching programmes with Public Secondary Schools (EOIES) and speaking reinforcement courses. Composed as we are of 31 teachers and 1700 students, a figure which has increased over the last few years, it is noteworthy that a high percentage of the student body belongs to the educational community and the service sector. For this reason, and considering the upcoming introduction of levels C1 and C2 in the languages offered at our centre, our teaching staff has an on-going need for learning and professional development, which is not possible to be fulfilled in our geographical area.PARTICIPANTS PROFILE: Although all the teachers at our school have been involved in this project, only five of them were selected to undertake it and participate in the mobility. The participants are experienced teachers in different languages and levels, members of the school management team and heads of language departments.DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: The courses chosen by the participants meet the need of methodological improvement in order to increase our students’ motivation and the quality of education. Moreover, we expect to reduce the high rate of absenteeism. In addition to granting us an opportunity for development of innovative and attractive instructional material, these courses will provide us with further education in linguistic and sociocultural competencies as well as refreshing the methodology and adult teaching practices in use at our school. Another benefit would be the establishment of collaborative networks with other European institutions.PROJECT METHODOLOGY: This project comprises four stages: staff selection and training, project realisation, dissemination and knowledge sharing with the rest of the school staff, and finally, implementation of the acquired expertise in the classroom.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS: A significant improvement in the cultural knowledge and linguistic and methodological competencies of the participants and peers is expected. Therefore, the consequent enhancement of our classroom teaching methods: learning through communicative and action-oriented approaches, diversification and new techniques in the teaching and practice of speaking and writing skills, advance of the sociocultural competency in the classroom thanks to the implementation of real documents and audio-visual tools. Furthermore, we look forward to an interchange of experiences and resources with teachers of other European countries, which will mean an extension of the resources, the dissemination and the international dimension of our institution.EXPECTED IMPACT: We anticipate an impact in the short, medium and long term. The short term impact will be reflected in the planning of the 2016-2017 academic course, in which the abilities, competencies, tools and strategies will be included in the school's curriculum. The medium term impact will take effect when the acquired expertise is implemented in the classroom and the value assessed later on in staff meetings. The long term impact will be apparent once a real evaluation of the practises becomes possible, and also with the expected increase in our students’ attendance; those activities that have proven most beneficial will be retained while any whose efficiency has fallen short of expectations will be discarded or reconsidered. It is also essential to underscore the local, national and international impact of our project. The local impact will be noticed in the high number of students exercising teaching roles, thanks to whom the expertise acquired will be transmitted to other educational levels. The regional and national impact will be promoted by the interchange of experiences and resources with teachers from other regions through meetings and videoconferences. Lastly, the fact that the training project will be implemented in different European countries will allow for contacts to be established and ideas exchanged, fostering an international dimension of its impact.POSSIBLE LONG TERM BENEFITS: We expect benefits that are directly influential to the teaching practice to provide our students with a better learning experience through innovative, attractive and motivational methodology and teaching materials. We also wish to enhance the international dimension of our school establishing a network of collaboration and cooperation with educational centres similar to our own as a way to share materials and experiences (job shadowing).
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