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Innoguide: Innovation in LLL Tourist Guide Training Tourist guides as partners for a sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe!
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

Tourist guides work in a local, regional, national and European context. They can play a very important role in the European integration process in increasing the understanding of the different cultural backgrounds and by promoting the European identity. They can also increase the awareness of the tourists regarding a sustainable tourism for the future of Europe. In addition, tourist guides can facilitate the acquisition of some key competences for LLL for tourists. However, currently these elements are not structurally part of the training of guides. The key innovative element is to generate the foundations of the needed European framework and promote this as an integral part of the future vocational training. The integrated European approach will assure a major impact on the European level by shared understanding on the contents and the development of pedagogical tools. The objectives of the 3 year project are: - to make a comparative study of the training programmes for tourist guides in the partner countries. They will be compared on level (EQF norm), duration and content. The outcome will support the development of the new training modules.- to develop 3 training modules (and 3 trainers' manuals) in English for teachers of tourist guides and for tourist guides (in training) studying at level 4 or 5 of the EQF. The modules will focus on sustainability, intercultural skills and creation of (LLL-)experience. The materials will integrate the Eur. dimension by developing a common practice and by enhancing mobility between trainers. Competences aimed at in the three modules will be developed in relation to descriptors at level 4 and 5. The modules will be tested, peer reviewed and finalised. - to establish a platform for sharing of the experiences to ensure active continuation. In the implementation an interactive knowledge transfer model is developed to facilitate efficient dissemination, valorisation and future sharing of the innovations.
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