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INMIFORM - Development of Training Materials & Methodologies for the Training of Trainers for those working with Immigrant Groups

The INMIFORM project will develop an outline training structure and range of support materials for the development of professionals working in the provision of training to immigrant groups.Following an initial needs analysis as regards the needs of professionals (trainers & guidance counsellors) in working with the target sector, development will begin on the creation of an outline training profile, outlining the skills and competencies necessary to encourage greater social and educational inclusion of the target group. Particular attention will be paid to actual needs as outlined by the target sector.A report on the results of the professional needs analysis will be published (paper based) along with a series of training modules and support materials (paper based and CD-Rom) in all partner languages (ES, IT, EN & DE).Awareness raising of the results and achievements of the project is proposed through both electronic (web-links, electronic mailings) and traditional (presentation at relevant fairs & technical workshops, release of a bi-monthly newsletter) means.

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