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Inkluzívní vzdělávání v Evropě
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Aims of the project INCLUSIVE EDUCATION IN EUROPE was to enable the NIDV´s (National Institute for Further Education) staff responsible for training of teachers a practical traineeship with our foreign partners. Its aim was to extend and enhance their skills. We also wanted to provide them with additional information about the possibilities of inclusive education in different situation. The inclusive facility does not separate children with special educational needs from children without them. This means that in the same collective children with disabilities, gifted children, foreign children, children of different ethnics as well as those of the majority population are educated altogether. The teacher is dedicated to all children equally, none more none less. It is a heterogeneous team where every individual has the right to an individualized approach. To the inclusive establishment, however, higher demands are associated with the wide heterogeneity of the composition of their pupils. In addition, to the adaptation of environment and tools, it is primarily necessary to provide teachers adequate preparation, to have trained assistants or external experts and mental health care for all, those who learn and those who teach. The project served to extend the competencies of teachers, present and future, and those responsible for their education as well as of the knowledge and experience of partners from two European countries (Portugal and Spain), who has been practicing inclusive education. Chosen destinations are from a wide selection of our partners with regard to the ethnic richness of the territory, the number of immigrants and the associated social and ethnic differences. Partners of our project were traditional organizations approved from the past cooperation whose representatives we know personally and with whom we have worked on joint projects. Within this project and during 7 months we have realised 29 nine days mobilities for teachers aned persons responsible for training teachers. They participated in direct activities of our partners in their facilities to obtain from them the working experience, in the field, for us, of non-traditional target groups. Their task included also identifying a complex system of teachers´ education, which supports inclusive education. Participants have had the opportunity to meet conditions that these countries create for the implementation of inclusion. During different meetings and discussions with the partners they have also seen the responses and assessment of the situation by persons engaged in the learning process. They have met the founders of schools and educational institutions, representatives of trade unions, and the representatives of the Czech Republic in the respective country. Each participant received the Europass-mobility. The project supported the acquisition of professional qualifications in the field of (special) education. The traineeship certainly benefits to the participants themselves, but also we expect a professional growth of teachers, introduction of new items and practices in teacher training courses and new approaches by the teachers themselves. The outcome of this project should also be the integrated view of the functioning of the state and private sector in the field of formal education and interest in the countries visited.

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