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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Despite important improvements in the EU, there is still a big demand for concepts in the field of inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils. In European schools, we register quite a number of very successful ones that have developed concepts of high quality and value, dealing with the question of how SEN- and SEND-pupils can be integrated into regular schools. Nevertheless, a major task an duty of our European society remains: The inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils beyond and after school life, e.g. into work life and employment. Thus, there is a crucial demand of concepts how to enable SEN- and SEND-pupils to find their way into work life with the help and cooperation of e.g. job centers, social assistance offices, chambers, companies and schools. To establish this, we would like to learn at the partner organizations, how in Turkey • people interact with SEN- and SEND-pupils in VET• SEN- and SEND-pupils are integrated and where (institutions)• the inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils into companies / work life is managed• SEN- and SEND-pupils are prepared for the transfer into work life in VET• SEN- and SEND-pupils wear treated in the past and how their inclusion is planned to be managed in the future • those institutions that are involved in the process of inclusion, interact with each other and how they are connected (networking) We are hoping to discover concepts that will help us to get better in what we do for SEN- and SEND-pupils and to give impulses on subjects, we think we perform well in. Our approach is not a scientific, but a pragmatic one. We want to exchange concepts and well or best performing practices of inclusion for SEN- and SEND-pupils in VET. In the project we are discussing, we plan to send • teachers, certified social pedagogues and social school workers • members of chambers and companies• members of social assistance- and integration-offices/ -organizations• members of the schools administration for short-term job-shadowings/ hospitations, mutual trainings, events and discussions. This first KA1-project is planned to be exclusively for those people, who organize, develop and control inclusion-processes – not for SEN- and SEND-pupils themselves! The main partner from our side will be: VET-School-Centre Vegesack (, Kerschensteinerstr. 528757 Bremen. Hans Karaski and Barbara Fiets are my partners in the school. Further, we are planning to involve the Chamber of Crafts or the Chamber of Industries and Commerce as well as the so called “Special Service for Integration” (Integrationsfachdienst Aims/ Goals • Naming, phrasing, definition and priorization of work principles for successful VET inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils.• Identification of work fields of the inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils in Germany and Turkey in VET• Process-Management: Analysis of the processes of inclusion in the participating institutions• Naming, phrasing and comparison of guiding principles concerning inclusion of SEN- and SEND- pupils in the participation institutions• Identification of “conditions of success” for the inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils in VET• Phrasing of competences that are needed to change institutions into integrating ones (change- management)• Identification of cultural differences in the approach to inclusion of SEN- and SEND-pupils• Development of impulses for companies, how inclusion could be established in their surroundings
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