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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Inclusion hits the road - with a suitcase full of good ideas Even on the local level, handicapped people have to deal with a lot of experiences concerning exclusion already. There are still existing obstacles, prejudices and reservation. Bremen is Germany´s first federal state, that puts inclusion in the educational sector into practice. Every person has the right to participate. Inclusion is legally settled the UN-Charta for disabled people, and calls for the reduction of legal, institutional and organizational barriers. Over the last three years a project on a small, local level has been developed, that aims to make social participation possible for everyone. Here, no one can imagine to not work with colorful, meaning heterogeneous, groups anymore. It is an enrichment for everyone, Because everyone has the right to be different and nobody has to be perfect. Instead, humor is a resource, time is going to be slowed down, a lot of news ideas have been developed, games have been rearranged and single combats become teams. Inclusion starts with the personal attitude of everyone. The goal of the German-Turkish-Kurdish youth exchange is besides other aims, to spread this attitude and to show its possibilities. The participation of everyone should be the – in the future natural - basis to work on. Because of that, the exchange has an eye on more topics and goals. The initial point for these goals is the daily life of the mostly disadvantaged kids and youngsters. Goals are: Social learning, mobility, support of the individual development and self esteem, support of creativity, sensitization for topics like: Inclusion, gender equity, religion, discrimination and tolerance. There are going to meet three youth groups, two from Bremen(Germany) with thirteen participants and one from Diyarbakir (Turkey) with twelve participants. Both groups are joined by kids with various handicaps also as by kids with a weak financial background. A first meeting is going to take place in Bremen at the LidiceHaus from august 21st 2015 until September 1st 2015, and another meeting in Diyarbakir from October 19th 2015 until October 30th. Added to that there will be two previous preparation meetings and preparations based on partnership within the groups. The kids are going to be from 13 to 23 years old, the average age is going to be 15/17 years. All kids are regular visitors of the involved institutions or visit the special school for handicapped kids in Diyarbakir. They all show a huge motivation to broaden their horizon and to make new experiences. To overcome language barriers there will be verbal mediators to help and also working with pictures. The programs of the exchange offer a lot of variety for the participants. In the beginning intercultural getting-to-know-each-other-games and verbal animation will help to bring the kids closer together in a playful and light way. The kids will get to know the daily surroundings, the city, the places they like to hang out at and the hobbies of the others and they are going to introduce their families. Added to that, the kids will get to know their own city/country in a more intense way by walks and visits of historical places. There is going to be a lot of action for the kids and youngsters. This will be surrounded by pedagogical-adventure games and exercises, to strengthen the positive group dynamics and to create fun. As the central theme for the youth exchange there will be individual photo books as a documentary for all activities. In a bookbinder-workshop the kids are going to make their own photo book and during the exchange they can fill it with little stories, pictures or collages. Every book is going to be unique - just like its owner - and will become like a personal travel companion. Promotion of democratic ability is another approach during the program. The kids are going to be involved in the process of the program-planning and are going to be inspired to express constructive criticism also as wishes or their own limits. The goal is to support every single kid (concerning courage, willpower, self esteem, faith in others, goal-oriented thinking, creativity) and help it to settle positively in the society (empathy, goodwill, ability to share, willing to talk in conflicts, communication skills and awareness of responsibilities). All these are competences that will strengthen them and our society as a connected democratic system. To make the experiences memorable for a long time, the photo book is very useful. The inclusive youth exchange promotes European ideals like democracy and respect for other cultures and diversity of society. Beside of that the exchange strives for sustainability and makes the development of ideas for future projects possible as well as spreading inclusive attitude.
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