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Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Iniuarpolis is an intercultural project which wants to realize a transcultural film production. It discusses in what way and to what extent the cultural origin and the location where someone lives interrelate with each other. 24 to 30 teenagers in the age of 12 to 18 from three different cities ( Vienna, Berlin and Luxembourg) will meet for that film production. The guideline for the movie will be: „a superhero in metropolis „ Iniuarapolis“.“ Each city will have 8 minutes in the movie. The individual parts are based on each other and will be filmed in parts. In this way city A will be shown in the beginning, B in the middle part and C will end the movie. This will create a sense of community for the participants and will motivate each individual. The first step will be to approach one’s own city and think about what represents the location of living and what problems might concern the city. This will help to illustrate it on video later on. Then the participants should contact residents of the city and talk to them to find out about the cultural variety and to get a new insight of the town ( as part of the own identity). It is important to gain cultural affiliation without having the problem to deny one’s cultural origin. In the following step of course the movie functions as a mediator between the adolescents of the different towns. Together there must be a conversation about how the content of the movie should be expressed to form a unified whole. Therefore it is also possible to develop a storyboard together or decide on facts about film distribution and movie release. This project allows us through active media relations: to get to know unfamiliar opinions or sights and to understand them, to reconsider one’s own and others illustration and to get rid of prejudices, to get to know people, to build up a communication network and last but not least to be creative and to reinforce self-awareness. The future potential in this project lays in publishing, distributing the movie and in the serial character of the movie ( open ending). This could convince and inspire other facilities or youth groups to be a part of the metropole „Iniurapolis“ and motivate them to perform other projects with and about film production.

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