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Инициативни и креативни млади хора - заедно в съвременна Европа
Start date: Mar 15, 2016, End date: Mar 14, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. Context: The name of our project is: “Enterprising and creative young people - together in modern Europe”. We consider the topic to be relevant and significant because of the elaborate and fast changing technological progress, the intense dynamics of the labour market, the rising unemployment rate among young people not only in our country but in Europe as a whole. According to a recent report released by Eurostat the youth unemployment rate is extremely high. A currently pressing issue is the one of youth unemployment, aggravated by the refugee crisis. This respectively imposes higher demands on young people. They need to develop qualities like flexibility and adaptability and realize the need to gain profound knowledge and improve their competencies. By getting involved into this project work and benefiting from the experience of their peers from the other European countries, the young people will learn how to be more active and creative, take the initiative, take well- measured risk in order to accomplish their goals and ideas at the labour market. The main idea of the project is to provide opportunities for young people from different European countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, The Czech Republic, The UK) to exchange experience and knowledge, to meet face-to-face and online, to acquire key competencies, discuss current issues and talk over aspects of their future development.2. Target groups – The project aims to reach a wide range of target groups which for the purpose fall into the following categories:Direct target groups: 90 young people between the ages of 14 and 29: 40 high school students, 10 university students, 15 underprivileged and 15 unemployed young people.Indirect target groups:Representatives of the local authorities – Regional and District administration, The Labour Department, the Career Center at the Regional Inspectorate of Education in PazardzhikTeachers, parents and representatives of the civil societyLocal youth organizations and the Youth Center in Pazardzhik3. Objectives: Identifying the needs of the target groups we have decided on the following project objectives:a/ Raising up young people’s motivation and resourcefulness so that they can achieve a better realization and career development.b/ Exchange of ideas and good educational practices with colleagues from other countries, members of The European Union, which will lead to a higher level of initiative and creativity among young people. These good practices and acquired competencies will be promoted in other schools, in the region, in the country and in other countries through new communication technologies and by personal acquaintances.c/ Working in a pleasant for the young people e-environment in which they will exchange online resources and materials – MOODLE, Website project and other modular WEB2.0 programmes.d/ Adopting ideas and new approaches from other educational systems, applying and promoting them among young people from our country and abroad, among students and parents and the local community.4. Expected results:The project will raise up young people’s motivation for active and rational use of the contemporary information technologies to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude by presenting them with an opportunity to learn in the educational platforms, like MOODLE and WEB 2.0, and to improve their skills in the field of ICT. The young people involved in the project will develop skills to communicate constructively in different community circles, to work in a team, to be tolerant, to take a risk, to accept different viewpoints, to solve problems, to cope with stress and negative emotions, to be able to make a difference between their private and professional life.After the completion of the project the young people will be able to make a better career choice.There will be an increased interest among the local authorities to give their support to young entrepreneurs and create a regional youth network.5. Methodology: Exchange of good practices – sharing experience, educational activities, organized by highly qualified educators, including all participants from the target groups in all activities of the project, which means learning through action, empathy and support on the part of the participants in the project and the parties concerned, which guarantees the accomplishment of the expected results, related to its transparency, coordination and effectiveness. There will be a constant monitoring and control.6. Expected impactNew methods and approaches will be adopted and local and regional youth networks will be set up.The young people will acquire key competencies, they will be able to apply new creative resources and ideas to their work and this will raise up their motivation to develop new skills and broaden their mind by learning about the educational models of other European countries.There will be an exchange of ideas between young people from the European Union.
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