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İngilizce Öğretiminde Avrupa'yla El Ele
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Communicating in a foreign language is not a luxury anymore but it is accepted as one of the basic competences. In this context, communicating in mother tongue and in a foreign language take place on the top of the list among the 8 key competences which are expected by all European citizens to be gained. In our country although they study English from 4th grade (since 2012 from 2nd grade) to 12th grade, unfortunately our students who graduate from mainstream schools even don’t have the English proficiency skills to express themselves. In a similar way according to statistics of English First our country is 50th out of 70 countries and it is penultimate before the Azerbaijan among the countries in Europe in terms of English Proficiency Level pf the adults . What’s worse according to the statistics in the last three years, our level is degreasing gradually. There are various reasons for this situation. According to Tepav and British Culture’s overall field work results towards teaching English in state schools, it is determined that %80 of teachers of English can speak English very well and they have the potential to perform effective English teaching. But it is also detected that &43 of the teachers don’t attend any in service training course after they graduate from the university. According to same survey it has been found out that teachers continue teaching with traditional teaching methods with grammar oriented, students active only %10 percent of the lesson and during the remaining time they are passive listeners. It is reality that we haven’t been successful and it seems that we won’t be successful with provided English education in these circumstances. In this project with the help of our English teachers’ making observations in English lessons at state schools in some EU countries whose success in teaching English has been proven and taking part in training courses both in Wales and Ireland Our teachers are targeted* to observe techniques and methodologies used by teachers in those countries,* to keep diaries about these observations and lessons to define how they can bring the good applications from those countries to our education system, * to share these experiences with other participants during the workshop in Konya, transferring the knowledge gained during this workshop to their lesson plans, and applying the new prepared lesson plans in their classrooms,* to record these lessons to video and disseminate them other teachersOne of the Erasmus+ priorities is to improve the gaining process of key competences. We aim at overcoming the bias and learnt impossibility among teachers and students towards English with the project outputs. Participants of our project are 40 teachers from 15 schools from 12 different districts. As teaching English is a problem all around the country, while consortium was being formed, schools were chosen, which have volunteer teachers who,* will contribute to the targeted works,* will transfer gained experience to lesson plans and curriculum,* will prepare new projects by strengthening international cooperation capacities both of their school and of districts. While the project is being implemented, cooperation with all consortium members and participants will be in scope of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle management by making step by step planning with the aim of developing an "example model" in English Teaching in order to reach desired level. Project Outputs:1- Booklet “Good applications in Europe in Teaching English” which will be compiled from the reports each teacher will prepare according to their learning diaries. 2- “Lesson Plans Booklet” which will involve authentic 32 lesson plans for primary schools, 48 lesson plans for lower secondary schools, 64 lesson plans for upper secondary school. These lesson plans will be prepared by the teachers during the workshop in Konya. 3- 144 authentic lesson videos by bringing the prepared videos from each participant’s classroom application of the lesson plans they will prepare. 4- Conference of “Model Implementations In Teaching English” and the report which will be prepared and submitted to the Ministry of National Education after the conference. In addition to the conference project outputs will be shared with other English teachers all around the city with seminars held by our participant teachers. To be prepared lesson plans and saved videos will enlighten our teachers in order to make English lessons more productive. In the long term, with the help of sharing project outputs via project web-page, e-twinning and EBA with other teachers of English in other cities, our project will cause some changes in current teaching styles of our teachers of English and contribute to reach expected English proficiency level all around the country.
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