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Infusing entrepreneurial skills in the corporate ICT environment - Intraprise
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, companies need to find that ‘added extra’ to stay competitive to retain existing customers and attract new customers. One way to do this is to encourage innovative and creative behaviour within the organisation to encourage intrapreneurs. An intrapreneur is a person within a business or corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation. Intrapreneurship can therefore be defined as any entrepreneurial activity performed within an organization. The most cost effective solution of achieving long term growth is by taking advantage of the untapped potential and talent that already exists within organizations. An intrapreneurial culture supports an entrepreneurial spirit with emphasis on: • strategic renewal and survival (major structural or organizational changes within a firm) • fostering innovation • corporate venturing (corporate entrepreneurial efforts that lead to the creation of new business organizations within the larger corporate umbrella organization) • increased long term profitability and liquidity • gaining knowledge of future revenue streams and international success • building of knowledge assets and knowledge dissemination/exploitation INTRAPRISE will offer specialized intrapreneurial training addressed at the ICT sector to foster and promote growth, employability and ongoing sustainability. The project will develop, support, and upgrade a flexible intrapreneurial training program customized to the needs of the ICT industry so all levels of the corporation can become acquainted with the adaptation and implementation of a more intrapreneurial organizational approach generating increasing levels of cohesion within the organization. A team oriented work environment is more likely to achieve long term growth, innovation, employee satisfaction and success. INTRAPRISE aims to enhance employee’s creativity, communication, decision making, and problem solving skills in order for them to be able to express new ideas, projects, and concepts without the fear of persecution or ridicule if they fail. By encouraging risk taking and experimentation, a company has more chances of creating a successful product/service. Risk-taking and failure are necessary components of progress that need to be accepted, understood and embraced by the organization. Failure is an important part of the innovation process. This can only be achieved with a high level of cooperation from management therefore in addition to addressing the intrapreneurs training needs and constraints, our program will also be focusing on the necessary changes/adjustments needed to be made from a managerial standpoint. Managers and employees will be trained in: • Identifying potential intrapreneurs and recognizing/instilling that innovation must be a strategic goal within their organization to foster long term growth • Promoting autonomy and the creation of teams • Creating new reward structures-leaving behind the one size fits all motivational concept • Teaching intrapreneurs the business- how it makes money, where clients come from, why they stay or go and other big-picture issues • Ensure intrapreneurs are working on products and services that they are passionate about. This dedication will get them through the long hours, the self-doubt, and the seemingly impossible problems. Intrapreneurs don't thrive in an environment where they are working purely for someone else to get rich (the board, stockholders, CEO, etc.); they want to believe in what they are doing. INTRAPRISE will develop: • Analysis report of management practices, organizational culture, and existing intrapreneurial training practices • Intrapreneurial training program framework-designing outline, structure, scope, learning objectives • Intrapreneurial training course curriculum-pedagogical handbook and concrete pedagogical scenarios • Learning materials (development of online and offline materials) based on the intrapreneurial training course curriculum • Development of E-Platform/System to deliver training • Guidelines/handbook recommendations for the adoption and effective implementation of the training program for employers and employees • Project brand (logo, dissemination material, templates, etc.) • Project Website In the long term the project aims to alter the traditional structures of organizations thus creating an entrepreneurial setting by providing innovative training material, new opportunities and tested training methodologies. Through the use of the tangible outputs (i.e. the tested and complete blended training material and program) as well as through its intangible outcomes (i.e. long term growth and professional development), new and existing intrapreneurs and managers will become more familiar with certain underlying internal environmental factors that must be adopted to effectively promote an intrapreneurial mindset.
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