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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Model Experimental High school of Mytilene is an active and open to challenges school, willing to apply innovation in education and in continuously improving learning services it provides. The objectives of the project are directly linked with the development plan of the scool and its basic priorities, namely: - continuous upgrading of staff skills, - incorporation of new tools in teaching, - restructuring of didactic methods mainly through adopting innovative approaches to learning , - use of new technologies in education, - improvement of the European profile of our school, through cooperation with other learning providers and schools from abroad, - acquisition of know-how on European projects, - networking of our school with other schools in other countries. Activities preview and respective learning outcomes: 1. Attending the seminar "Better English for teachers", by 2 teachers. It will contribute to upgrading language skills of the staff, which on its turn will help the staff to engage in improving the European profile of the school and in deploring activities of collaboration with educational institutions and schools abroad. 2. Attending the seminar "Practical Ideas for the Teaching of Literature in the Classroom" by2 teachers 3. Attending the seminar "Creative Methodology for Teachers" by 2 teachers 4. Attending the seminar "Digital Extra" by 7 teachers. It will contribute to upgrading computers skills of teachers and use of new technologies in education. 5. Attending the seminar "What is Reading the City" by 2 teachers, who will learn using the city as source of knowledge and incentives to learn for students in a lot of disciplines. The above seminars will contribute to restructuring didactic methods and essentially to adopting innovative approaches to learning. Preview impact of the project is: Concerning participants - Upgrading of knowledge, skills and competencies of participating teachers. - Contacts with peers from other schools abroad, exchange of experiences and know-how on the specific subjects of the seminars. - Continuation of the communication with foreign colleagues and development of new programmes through the platform e-twinning or through Erasmus+ programme. Concerning participating institutions - Application of learning objectives acquired in the school development plan - Diffusion of know-how to the rest of teachers in the school - Potential collaboration with schools abroad, through teachers coming from other countries that will participate in the further training seminars. Conserning teachers -Their lessons will be more modern, adapted to their interests and their familiarization with new technologies, more challenging for learning and more creative. - The way they will learn to work in school will be more compatible with demands of the labour market, which will increase their possibilities to find a job after the end of their school studies. - They will be able to network with students of schools abroad.

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