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Information and Communication Technology for Romanian Career Counseling
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND European Council recommends "Strengthening guidance and counselling supports students’ career choices, transitions within education or from education to employment” and anticipates that "ICT will change what, how, where and when people learn" The need for online resources at national / regional level is confirmed by the insufficient number of career counselors in the region, many schools sharing the same specialist and the access for those resources being limited. OBJECTIVES 1. development and usage of ICT tools and OER in CC for an open and flexible counseling and facilitating the access at educational resources; 2. development of an efficient system of CC, with all the necessary digital resources. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS The participants in the project will be mostly career counselor and trainers in this field (with the exception of software developers): around 50 participants from al partners involved in developing the intellectual outputs and other activities and 39 participants in teaching and trening asignments. ACTIVITIES - Management and implementation – selection of staff involved in the project, quality assurance, budget control and time management, risk management, acquisitions, accountancy and financial reports, archiving, reporting to the National Agency and European Commision - Intelectual outputs: analysis of CC needs, online platform for CC, CC guide, self evaluation instrument, digital resources for CC, curricula and methodology for CC. - 3 Short-term joint staff training events and 3 Long-term teaching assignments - 4 multiplier events (2 in Romania, 1 in Cyprus, 1 in Latvia) - 4 transnational project meetings (2 in Romania, 1 in Cyprus, 1 in Latvia) - Dissemination activities (within the institutions involved in the project, in other institutions, public events and mass media coverage, publications and scientific events, graphic materials and online dissemination). METHODOLOGY - In the preparation phase: establishment of an efficient communication network, organizational upgrades, informative activities, selection and preparation of participants, specific rules and financial regulations. - The implementation phase will begin with the analysis of CC needs that will direct all the other activities: developing the intellectual outputs based on internal expertise and exchanges of good practices during training and teaching assignments, and the process will be evaluated and redirected during the transnational project meetings. - The follow up phase will mainly consist of the multiplying events and direct activities with the target groups: pupils, adolescents not currently involved in formal education, teachers, career counselor, school managers, decision makers and policy makers, representatives of public institutions, including NGOs. - The dissemination phase will mainly consist in the dissemination activities previously mentioned. - The closure of the project will refer to establishing the specific tasks of each partner in the sustainability period, reinforcing the partnership and inviting mew partners, planning additional activities and new project to further develop the CC services provided. RESULTS The main results of the project are the already mentioned intellectual outputs Other result are: 1. at institutional / organizational level: developing innovative strategies to implement CC activities based on the intellectual outputs and on the experience and expertise gained from the project; 2. activities with the beneficiaries: implementing the methodology developed through this project and the OERs in at least 20 schools in all participating countries, with at least 1000 pupils, 100 teachers and 100 parents and family members attending; 3. at inter-institutional level: partnerships with similar institutions and schools to use OER and ICT in CC IMPACT - impact on the participants: improved competences regarding CC and usage of OER and online tools for career guidance activities; broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, especially regarding CC across Europe; - impact on the participating organizations: innovative approaches to addressing their target groups by providing: more attractive CC programs, in line with individuals' needs and expectations, use of ICT-based methodologies; - impact on target groups: increased access to scientific CC information and resources, with accent on digital resources, OERs and online platform; increased level of digital competence, especially regarding OER and online platform; increased possibilities to develop more flexible CC programs using OERs. THE POTENTIAL LONGER TERM BENEFITS - new innovative practices and new policies for career guidance and counseling - new partnerships and projects to further enhance the results of this project
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