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INFINITY - INternational Fellowship IN transdisciplinarITY - Strand 1 - Lot 5
Start date: Jul 15, 2013,

INFINITY project intends to become an INternational Fellowship IN transdisciplinarITY; its main theme is “Urban Agriculture”. INFINITY is about sustainability, and aims to strengthen a viable partnership of EU and all of lot 5 countries - aligning the Lisbon Strategy with the EM programme’s objectives. INFINITY is set in a transdisciplinary framework in the following thematic fields:01 Agriculture Sciences02 Architecture/Urban Planning04 Business Studies/Management Science06 Engineering/Technology07 Geography/Geology13 Natural Sciences14 Social SciencesINFINITY has a good geographical coverage; it includes HEIs of the EU (Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Slovenia) and all lot 5 countries - from large and peripheral cities. In the partnership 9 HEIs have had EM experience and 11 HEIs without EM experience.Expected impact:• Start the assimilation of the EU’s Higher Education System into the lot 5 countries by increasing these countries’ awareness toward the advantages of being part of the wider continental European educational system.• Offer an equal opportunity for students/staff - through systematic mobility - to enrich their knowledge, skills, and to carry the concept of urban sustainability to their own countries. • Encourage the promotion common values of respect for gender equity, human rights, fundamental freedoms, peace, democracy, good governance, the rule of law, solidarity.• Share research resources as to attain educational standards/management capacities between the EU’s partners’ and their Third countries’ partners.• Raise the employability at the Third Countries to contribute in their undergoing process of diversification of their economies.• Develop international programs for future strategic collaboration in terms of research and business.• Strive to reach the objectives set by the United Nations, the EU and the EM such as smart growth, environmental protection and sustainable development for the countries covered by the INFINITY.

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