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Inequality, Welfare and Social Innovation in Europe
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed module aims to stimulate Social innovation in Europe in a particular field, i.e. the EU welfare systems. Since globalisation took place, the European Welfare Models face new challenges. At least 8 big issues will be object of interest for the proposed Jean Monnet module:1. Inequality; Europe managed to build a relatively equal society after the IIWW, but today, within a model of “financial capitalism”, inequality is increasing dramatically, along with unemployment and precarious jobs. 2. Poverty; after the IIWW was mostly defeated in Europe but today new forms of poverty are emerging in particular after the financial crisis which started in 2007. 3. Ageing; Health Systems among European states are today questioned both in their efficiency and in their relatively high costs: from one side active ageing is needed, from another side high youth unemployment rates push for different forms of solutions.4. The role of women; Despite tremendous improvement in women conditions after the IIWW, new gender issues are today, rightly, at the top in the agenda of European governments. 5. Migration; Structural analysis and structural solutions are needed at European level, as national solutions and single and uncoordinated policies and strategies proved to be ineffective and inadequate. 6. Youth unemployment; Young people are the most mobile and flexible workers across Europe but also among the most vulnerable as the very high youth unemployment rates confirm. Hence, in this field, the need to intervene at the European level has to increase. 7. Sustainable development; to be understood in a wider sense, including better environmental production solutions, sustainable consumption, decent, safe and sustainable jobs, living wages.8. Technology; Europe in this field needs to offer a common strategy in order to guide towards a real knowledge based economy.All these issues pose new challenges to Europe, and require what I call Social Innovation at European level.
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