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Individually and Collectively, on Behalf of the Community (ICBC)
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The starting point of the project Individually and Collectively, on Behalf of the Community (ICBC) is the new high school curriculum, which strongly highlights the development of collaborative learning and teaching. The aim is to develop community-based teaching methods and collaboration between different subjects towards intergration, ie. co-operation of teachers to abolish curricular boundaries of various subjects. ICBC will also seek an international network to develop language skills in teaching, as well as in other international operations needs of the school. The development of language skills also establishes language awareness, to strengthen teachers' own educational international terminology. The project will integrate digitalization in teaching and evaluation into collaborative learning. This will be done by searching practical patterns to implement the aims of the project.ICBC involves 15 teachers, 8 of whom will participate in courses and 7 in job shadowing. They will be seeking abilities and know-how to strengthen their own professional competence and they have been selected for the project from several different subjects. This aims at a broad commitment among the teacher community and thus a profound effectiveness of the project into the entire working community, including pupils.The project's activities and its evaluation will be carried out communally in the participating teachers' team, in accordance with the objectives of the project. The results of training and job shadowing will be discussed and assessed in regular meetings. Reporting will be performed by activating the rest of the working community either by a teacher in a meeting or in our electronic platform OnEdu. The aim is to open discussion and introduce new community-based teaching methods gradually over two years and, futhermore, to expand international operations to involve the whole working community.The longer term benefits of ICBC include providing an opportunity to build an international team, which will inspire students to pursue careers in various international exchange programs, language courses and further studies abroad. Teachers' ability to transmit curricular contents also in English will prepare students for further studies not only abroad but also in Finland.
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