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Increasing traffic system's capability within EE-LV-RU international importance transport corridors (ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC)
Start date: Apr 1, 2012, End date: Mar 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND: First cross border activities between LV and RU partners started in 1999, with soft projects implemented on SME development, eco-education. Project "LATLIT TRAFFIC" (2009-2011) between LV/LT partners has already proven to be a good practice with a need for a follow – up. EE partners joined to the partnership because of CBC with RU partners and having the same problems: 1)international transport corridors with increased traffic intensity as a threat for young traffic participants and as a reason for deterioration of public streets; 2)common traffic safety problems on the border (tired drivers, differences in traffic rules, traffic accidents, lack of car parking places, bad quality road information infrastructure, lack of operational information on criminal border crossings, aggressive road users); 3)insufficient traffic safety awareness&performance; 4)border roads have low priority for national funds supporting the road reconstruction mainly in the cities with higher traffic intensity. Out of analyses of many needs, the objectives for the project have been chosen and activities relevant to this CBC programme found. OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To increase the transport system’s sustainability, capability, accessibility and competitiveness the EE-LV-RU border region as the sphere of national interests. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: 1.To make results of project visible. 2.To mobilize cross-border resources for traffic safety, to implement innovative traffic safety performances. 3.To contribute to transport&public space development by innovative streetscape design and improvements in infrastructure of 12 EE,LV,RU settlements. PARTNERSHIP: LP-LV office of Euroregion "Country of lakes", RU Chief Co-ordinator - "Lake Peipsi Project (Pskov)", 6LV,4RU,2EE municipalities, 4 associates. FINAL BENEFICIARIES: 205 142 inhabitants, 66769 travelers/per day of 12 EE,LV,RU border settlements. TARGET GROUPS: 12 000 school children; 72 young traffic participants – bicycle riders; 10000 drivers crossing LV-EE-RU borders; 120 new drivers; 24 traffic planners; 15 policeman and traffic safety responsibles; 18 politicians/leaders of PPs&APs, 29 staff. ACTIVITIES: Preparing partners' profiles, involving mass media, awareness materials, edition of flyers, press visits on opening infrastructure objects. 2 forums, 4 campaigns, Study tour on traffic safety issues. Streetscape design handbook&web catalogue, improvement of transport and road information infrastructure works in 12 EE,LV,EU settlements. RESULTS: Results of the project visible&positively evaluated by beneficiaries&target groups. Cross-border network created on traffic safety issues, target groups involved into traffic safety performances. Transport&road infrastructure improved. CBC within the project contributed to restoring connections between EE,LV,RU border regions, optimizing the transport system and contributing to traffic safety, accessibility and competitiveness of the remote regions of EE,LV and RU. Achievements: Outputs*Traffic Education Parks installed in Karsava, Rezekne (Latvia), Pskov, Krasnogordosk, Pytalovo (Russia) and Voru (Estonia). Altogether 6325m2 territory reconstructed, 7 training equipment sets, 30 training materials sets, 1 testing equipment set; *3-days International Forum "Safe Wheel" for 72 bicycle riders; *4 international campaigns held; *Improvements of transport and road information infrastructure by impacted zone in distance of 49,09km of transit streets; *Handbook and web based catalogue "Innovative streetscape design – Sustainable Transport and Public Space Development in Border Towns of Estonia, Latvia and Russia" issued; *4 study visits for 15 traffic safety responsible representatives (from Estonia, Latvia, Russia) to establish contacts, be introduced with equipment, test new drivers system, be trained to safe driving in extreme situations; *15000 leaflets, 14600 brochures, 178 press-releases and articles, 11 video clips, 14343 promotional materials issued and distributed during project implementationResults*Public awareness on traffic safety issues increased after involvement of 22207 persons into 4 traffic safety campaigns, 2 forums, 4 study tours; *Number of accidents, caused by fatigue, aggressive driving behaviour, lack of knowledge on traffic safety regulations, bad road infrastructure and lack of traffic signs decreased; *Children knowledge on traffic rules improved due to functioning traffic education parks in border regions; *Improvements in the transport and road information infrastructure in 12 Estonian, Latvian and Russian settlements located on the strategic transport corridors of international importance ensure traffic safety for drivers and pedestrians; *Cross-border network strengthened between at least 12 police and traffic safety responsible representatives of Latgale region (Latvia), South Estonia and Pskov oblast (Russia)
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  • 2007 - 2013 Estonia-Latvia-Russia ENPI CBC
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