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Increasing the economic competitiveness in the rural areas of Hajdu Bihar - Bihor Euroregion - Business Incubators (RuralBusiness)
Start date: Dec 31, 2012, End date: Dec 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The general objective of the project is to increase economic competitiveness of the rural areas of Hajdú- Bihar-Bihor region through joint development of interlinked Business Incubators. Specific objectives are the following : (1) The realization of innovative Business Incubators for non-profit business support activities; (2) Enhance cross-border commerce by organizing joint exhibitions, fairs, business meetings for entrepreneurs; (3) Develop joint lifelong learning education for adults to promote entrepreneurships possibilities and to combat unemployment. The project includes the building of 2 incubator houses and renovating 2 other business buildings, in order to support small businesses with business centres, lifelong learning education for adults and the promotion of entrepreneurships.The two business support centres will increase the economic development of the two municipalities and neighbouring villages, development which will have further influence on the economic development and on SME\'s in the two counties. Further social groups who are beneficiaries of the indirect effects of the project include: people with movement difficulties; disadvantaged players of the labour market including women, young unemployed people, Roma people. Expected Results: The main results of the project are the following: 1800, 08 sqm of business infrastructure built/reconstructed in ROMANIA and 530,24 sq.m of business infrastructure built/reconstructed in Hungary. The direct beneficiaries are the following: the two municipalities members of the project and the population of the municipalities and neighbouring area (around 70000 people), 40 organizations (SME\'s and non-profit business support organizations) using the business infrastructure and services offered; 50 people (25 women, 25 men) from the targeted area, trained to initiate businesses in the rural area; 65 persons hired on the newly created jobs - the people hired on the newly created jobs will include people with movement difficulties; women, young unemployed people, Roma people. Indirect beneficiaries of the project are SME\'s in both area (around 200 SME\'s), people of the area (around 100.000 persons - 60000 in Romania, 40000 in Hungary) will benefit from the built business support infrastructure - they would participate to exhibitions, fairs organized in the centre, to conferences, long life learning programs for adults.
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