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Increasing Subcontracting and Investments by Companies in Eastern Finland in the Metal and Wood Industries and the Development of Company Services in the Republic of Karelia and St. Petersburg
Start date: Dec 31, 2001, End date: Dec 30, 2003 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal of the project was, through training, consulting and guidance, to provide support and assistance to metal and wood industry companies in Eastern Finland that are planning on starting operations or marketing in the Republic of Karelia or St. Petersburg areas. Th e goal was also to plan and research future operational models, services and opportunities for JOSEKs companies in the surrounding areas, provide information in Finland about the operational opportunities in the Republic of Karelia and St. Petersburg and also to relay information regarding Finnish wishes and requirements in the Republic of Karelia. Tangible actions of the project were planned to be directed at pilot companies in the form of company-specifi c consulting, seeking partnerships, assessing funding alternatives and environmental impacts when necessary, trial orders, contract counselling and customs handling as well as training and handling of customs issues, permits and certifi cations. Achievements: In a change from the original plan, eight select medium-sized metal industry companies participated in the project. The metal industry companies had a great need and desire for more cost-effective subcontracting. The wood industry subcontracting, however, was of a different nature and the companies did not see a need for extensive company specific services. The project assessed, in cooperation with the SME Foundation, the functions of the companies and analysed their Russian operations. In addition, the SME Foundation studied the needs and requirements of Finnish companies in detail via interviews and used the obtained information to seek potential partners for the businesses from the St. Petersburg area. A total of 17 partnership reports were created. The SME Foundation also organised and attended the business meetings in St. Petersburg. The Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Karelia identified the metal industry companies in its jurisdiction and assessed their ability to act as subcontractors for Finnish companies and the available metal industry operational facilities for the potential future need of Finnish companies. In addition, the suitability of products from individual companies for subcontracting work in Russia was assessed together with the Onega tractor factory. The companies did not have a need for assessing funding options. Research was conducted for some of the companies regarding customs procedures, transports and necessary permits and certifications. The project arranged contract training and a Russian language course. Among other materials, brochure texts, price lists, letters and websites were translated into Russian as part of the project. One trial purchase was made during the project. In association with the JOSEK Ltd operational plan directed at Russia, the business service organisations in the Republic of Karelia and the services they offered were assessed. The report was included on the JOSEK Ltd website. The project generated valuable information about and experiences of metal industry subcontracting for the participating companies and JOSEK Ltd that could be shared with other businesses interested in subcontracting in Russia.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
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