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Increasing quality of FET educational and certification system

In the field of furter education trainers (FET), especially in Slovakia and Hungary, recognition of FETs competences acquired by non-formal or informal learning is a problematic issue. WBA model from Austria brings new possibility to aproach towards mentioned issue. However, since WBAs methodology is considered as sucessfull tool for recognition of acquired competences, different circumstances in field of FET in Slovakia and Hungary required several critical analysis, especially in field of curriculum and providers of certification. IQFET activities led to adaptation of WBAs curriculum (list of competences along with their indicators) into Slovak and Hungarian circumstances. As a results of this adaptation, three core outcames were achieved: Further education trainer standard, Evaluation standard for FET and proposal for training program for FET. Training program was developed with aim to offer future FET possibility to acquire theoretical and methodological framework in a formal way. These outcames are avaliable in English, Slovak and Hungarian language. Goal of IQFET project was to identificate innovative aspects of selected WBA model, analyse these subjects and implement them into circumstances of Slovakia and Hungary. Aim is to create innovative, open system that is respectable to divergency of FET field of practise and allows to recognize competences, acquired by formal, non-formal and informal learning.
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